26 Dec 2015

No time to rest… Bring on this exciting 2016!

by Joan Cusco, BSWW Executive Vice-president

Joan Cuscó is BSWW Executive Vicepresident

Beach Soccer never stops. Beach Soccer does not have a break. Without giving us any time to relax and think about the wonderful 2015 that we just lived, along comes this thrilling 2016, with a lot of new challenges, new events, and new episodes ready to be experienced. And we will not miss a single one of them, we are seeing beach soccer evolve right before our eyes… 

With Portugal still relishing their historical achievement, being crowned FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup champions for the first time ever, the race to the next global showcase takes off again these coming months. In 2017, The Bahamas will host the ninth edition of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, the first one in the CONCACAF region, and more than 120 National sides will do battle as of this season, and try to earn a slot in the competition everyone dreams about. 

The World Cup Qualifiers will begin again this 2016, adding to an already tremendously demanding beach soccer calendar. But those will not be the only centers of attention, far from it actually, in a season that will again bring the likes of the Intercontinental Beach Soccer Cup, the XIXth Euro Beach Soccer League, and many other competitions across the globe… This will not stop either.

Moreover, this year, Beach Soccer will keep strengthening its relationship with the Olympic Committee, a relationship which experienced big moments in 2015. The role the sport played in the 1st European Games held in Baku last June, and in the Mediterranean Beach Games in Pescara are two of the best instances of the role our sport can play within the Five Rings. 

Just how beach soccer is, the growth of our sport is a team effort. It is only possible thanks to the tried and true work of everyone being a part of the beach soccer family. We will never stop thanking you all for being by our side, making all our dreams come true, with devotion, hard work and commitment. Together, we will keep flying high…

March 27, 2017 - March 29, 2017
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