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BSWW Tour El Jadida 2014

BSWW Tour El-Jadida set to commence


Morocco, the UAE, and Switzerland are ready to fight for the title in the idyllic Moroccan coastal town from August 22nd to the 24th


Every year Morocco hosts a very important beach soccer tournament and this year is no different, with some of the best beach soccer talent coming to put their skills on full display. The Swiss team is fresh off of a 4th place finish in the Euro Beach Soccer League Superfinal Torredembarra in Spain and will look to dazzle again in Morocco. The UAE is a very formidable squad also and was the back-to-back AFC Beach Soccer Championships winner from 2007-2008. The hosts, Morocco, apart from hosting these types of events every year, have their own competitive side that has come in 5th place at the CAF Beach Soccer Championship in 2009.


The spectators will be delighted to know that they will have the chance to see the upcoming stars of beach soccer. Switzerland has laid the groundwork necessary for building a beach soccer powerhouse and they have been reaping the benefits with success on and off the pitch. This tournament will feature a younger Swiss team, including youth stars who will be looking to prove themselves and become a household name in beach soccer. 


The action begins today with the hosts, the Lions of the Atlas, taking on the UAE at 17:45 local time. The last match will conclude the festivities on Sunday at the same time, between the Swiss and the Moroccans. Check back with as we will update you on all the happenings in El Jadida and as always, the entire beach soccer world. 

Date K.O Time Heat Match Result
Round Robin Morocco Morocco - UAE Uae 6 - 4
Round Robin Swizerland Switzerland - UAE Uae 0 - 7
Round Robin Morocco Morocco - Switzerland Swizerland 11 - 8
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Round Robin
Morocco Morocco 2 2 0 0 17 12 5 6
Uae UAE 2 1 0 1 11 6 5 3
Swizerland Switzerland 2 0 0 2 8 18 -10 0

Final standings

COACH: Angelo Schirinzi
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
Glenn Hodel HODEL Forward 22 Nov 1996
Ivo Roos ROOS Goalkeeper 22 Oct 1991
Pablo Iselin ISELIN Midfielder 26 Dec 1994
Yannik Jegge JEGGE Midfielder 17 Mar 1991
Severin Berli BERLI Midfielder 27 Jan 1995
Remo Wittlin WITTLIN Defender 15 Apr 1991
Sascha Feuz FEUZ Midfielder 28 Jul 1982
Michael Woodtli WOODTLI Forward 07 Oct 1993
Sandro Denz DENZ Forward 27 Oct 1992
Nicholas Stucki STUCKI Goalkeeper 26 Apr 1994
COACH: Mohamed Zaiti
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
Nabil Boulakouaba BOULAKOUABA Defender 11 May 1984
Anas El Hadaoui EL HADAOUI Midfielder 22 Jun 1990
Abdelkabir Moufakir BRIGEL Midfielder 21 Nov 1979
Yacine Benmamma BENMAMMA Defender 14 Jul 1986
Faycel El Karkouri EL KARKOURI Defender 12 May 1985
Azzeddine El Hamidy EL HAMIDY Forward 05 Jan 1985
Nassim El Hadoui NASSIM Forward 13 Dec 1987
Kamal El Mahrouk EL MAHROUK Forward 03 Aug 1985
Mohamed Fandghal FANDGHAL Defender 12 Jun 1990
Youssef Bahra BAHRA Goalkeeper 21 May 1992
COACH: Mohamed Abbas
Name Shirt Name Position Birth Date
Kamal Ali Sulaiman KAMAL Defender 07 May 1989
Ali Hassan Karim Dad Mubarak Albalooshi ALI KARIM Midfielder 25 Apr 1980
Walid Mohammad Mohammadi WALID Forward 01 Apr 1984
Adel Ali Rahu Ranjbar ADEL Forward 18 Sep 1988
Mohamed Abdulla Al Jasmi AL JASMI Goalkeeper 07 Sep 1988
Hasan Ali Saeed Helal Alhammadi ALHAMMADI Forward 28 Mar 1982
Humaid J. S. Albalooshi HUMAID Goalkeeper 15 Aug 1989
Waleed Beshr Mohammed Beshr Salem W. BESHR Midfielder 11 Feb 1989
Abdulla Abbas Mohammed Hassan ABDULLA Defender 04 Apr 1994
Ali Mohammad Mohammadi A. MOHAMMADI Forward 19 Aug 1996
March 03, 2018 - March 10, 2018
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