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03 Nov 2010

The ball starts rolling in Oman. Egypt and Morocco hit first.

The Omani capital, Muscat, is getting ready for the Asian Beach Games coming up next month (8th-16th December) and the Al Musannah Sports Complex is these days hosting an International Beach Soccer Worldwide Tour as an excellent preliminary for that great appointment. As for this Wednesday, 3rd of November, to Friday 5th of November, four top National Beach Soccer teams are clashing on the sand, giving a little taste of what Beach Soccer is capable of...

Three African powerhouses such as Egypt, Nigeria and Morocco are facing hosts Oman in a round-robin, three-day competition. After their brilliant victory in last month’s GCC Beach Games, held in Bahrain, the Omani will keep their senses switched on to take the best advantage of this tournament, which is going to offer them the possibility to reach The Beach Games in their best shape.


Egypt, first leader

In their first match, though, Thalib’s lads have seen how Morocco clinched the victory from the 9-meters spot. After a final 5-5 draw, the Northern African team have proved more accurate at the penalty shootout to earn their first two points. In the other game of the day, Egypt has knocked Nigeria down (3-5), what leaves the pharaohs on top of the table.


These are the matches scheduled for the Beach Soccer Worldwide Tour of Oman:

Day 1

- 14:00-15:15            Nigeria 3 vs. 5 Egypt

- 15:30-16:45            Morocco 5 (2) vs. 5 (1) Oman


Day 2


- 14:00-15:15            Nigeria vs. Morocco

- 15:30-16:45            Oman vs. Egypt


Day 3


- 14:00-15:15            Egypt vs. Morocco

- 15:30-16:45            Oman vs. Nigeria


Overall standings



Goal Diff