Mundialito de clubes
I Mundialito de Clubes
21 Feb 2011

Great teams and big stars confirmed for the Mundialito de Clubes

The moment of the truth is upon us, as the Mundialito de Clubes is taking its final thrilling shape. The name of the clubs and players have been finally revealed after the Draft today, and excitement is more than warranted seeing the participants confirmed for this upcoming beach soccer brand new masterpiece. As promised, the best guns in the football panorama will come onto the stage, featuring, of course, the best players in the world as well.

Some of the most representative Clubs in the globe will be at the Represa de Guarapiranga (São Paulo), from March 20th to 27th, to take part into the Mundialito de Clubes, firmly confirming their strong bet on Beach Soccer. Their names need no presentation… FC Barcelona (Spain), AC Milan (Italy) Sporting Clube Portugal (Portugal), Corinthians (Brazil), Flamengo (Brazil), CA Boca Juniors (Argentina), Lokomotiv Moscow (Russia), Vasco da Gama (Brazil) and Seattle Sounders (USA).

But as having the best clubs would be nonsense without getting the best players involved, this Mundialito de Clubes will also be graced with the presence of the sport’s top stars. Players such as Madjer or Belchior (Sporting Clube), Amarelle or Shishin(FC Barcelona), Buru or Benjamin (Corinthians), Stankovic (AC Milan), Plata (Seattle Sounders), Leguizamon or Bruno (Boca Juniors), or Leonov (Lokomotiv Moscow), among many many others, will turn this competition into an unforgettable beach soccer festival. No doubt about it.

The final configuration of the squads, after the Draft held simultaneously with all the team delegates in two different venues (Barcelona and Sao Paulo) is as follows. Each squad is composed by nine players, and clubs have up to 48 hours to confirm their tenth player. Be ready for surprises…


CR Flamengo


CR Vasco da Gama


SP Corinthians



Souza (BRA)

Anderson (BRA)

André (BRA)

Diego (URU)

Matías (URU)

E. Hilaire (ARG)

Palmacci (ITA)

Estrada (MEX)

Duda (BRA)



Betinho (BRA)

Bruno Xavier (BRA)

Jorginho (BRA)

Pampero (URU)

Salgueiro (ARG)

Gustavo (URU)

Bernado (POR)

Villalobos (MEX)

Ricardo Case (BRA)



Mão (BRA)

Buru (BRA)

Benjamin (BRA)

F. Hilaire (ARG)

Fabian (URU)

Mendoza (ARG)

Krasheninnikov (RUS)

Yahya Al Araimi (OMA)

Dino (BRA)

Coach :

A. Valeiro

Coach :

Gilberto da Costa

Coach :

A. Soares


AC Milan


Seattle Sounders FC (USA)

FC Lokomotiv Moscow



Pasquali (ITA)

Spada (ITA)

Ahmed (ITA)

Stankovic (SUI)

François (FRA)

Meier (SUI)

Juninho E. Santos (BRA)

Abbas (UAE)

Marco Casarsa (ITA)



Montañez (USA)

Ibsen (USA)

Morales (USA)

Cati (MEX)

Plata (MEX)

Frank (SLV)

Nico (SUI)

Ali Karimi (UAE)

Farberhoff (USA)


Leonov (RUS)

Shkarin (RUS)

Shaykov (RUS)

Maci (ROM)

I. Borsuk (UKR)

Sydorenko Vitali (UKR)

Daniel (BRA)

Humaid Jamal (UAE)

Gorchinskiy (RUS)


Coach :


Coach :

Marcelo Mendes

Coach : Ilya Leonov


CA Boca Juniors


FC Barcelona (ESP)

Sporting Clube (POR)


Leguizamon (ARG)

Franceschini (ARG)

Dallera (ARG)


Bruno Malias (BRA)

Sidney (BRA)

Barbosa (MEX)

Del Mestre (ITA)

Vivas (ARG)



Juanma (ESP)

Javi Torres (ESP)

Nico (ESP)

Bukhlistkiy (RUS)

Shishin (RUS)

Ziober (POL)

Fred (BRA)

Tomoya Ginoza (JAP)

Amarelle (ESP)


Madjer (POR)

Alan (POR)

Belchior (POR)

Makarov (RUS)

Corosiniti (ITA)

Mo (SUI)

Fernando DDI (BRA)

Agustin (SLV)

Graça (POR)

Coach : Casado

Coach : R. Amarelle

Coach : Bilro

April 27, 2018 - April 29, 2018
Round Robin
Spain ESP 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Mexico MEX 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Bahamas BAH 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Usa USA 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
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