19 Aug 2011

Rio 2016 head want Olympics Beach Soccer

Carlos Nuzman assured that ?the discipline would be one of the highlights of the Games?, according to


Rio 2016 president Carlos Nuzman told the specialized website Around the Rings that if the IOC approves the addition of beach soccer to the Olympic program, the discipline would be one of the highlights of the Games. "It's a great idea. If realized, I'm sure that football and the fans only can win, and that beach soccer will be one of the biggest attractions in Rio 2016", Nuzman told ATR.

As informed, FIFA president Joseph S. Blatter and Brazil 2014 president and FIFA's Futsal and Beach Soccer Committee Ricardo Teixeira dealt with the inclusion of the popular modality in the Games when they met with Nuzman ahead of the World Cup qualifying draw in Rio on July 30.

It’s worth remembering, as Around the Rings, highlights, that Beach Soccer is already the showcase event of the Asian Beach Games, organized by the Olympic Council of Asia.

Around the Rings also explains that “The Olympic program will be reviewed after the London 2012 Games. During the evaluation process by the IOC's program commission, beach soccer could be considered for inclusion at Rio 2016. Should the discipline gain IOC Executive Board approval, it would then go to a vote at the IOC Session convening in Buenos Aires in 2013”.

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