22 Feb 2014

Semifinals defined for Campeonato Carioca

Vasco da Gama-Prado Júnior and Botafogo-Flamengo will determine today the final of the I Campeonato Estadual de Rio do Janeiro de Beach Soccer

The Campeonato Estadual do Rio de Janeiro de Beach Soccer gets to its decisive stages, with the semifinals to be held today, facing Vasco da Gama and Prado Junior, and Botafogo and Flamengo for a place in the final tomorrow.

Vasco da Gama, the top scorer of the tournament so far with a terrific 33-hit record, for an average of 11 goals scored per game, reigned in group A, following a narrow victory over co-favourite Flamengo in the last regular stage game. In a terribly hard fought game, the Gigante da Colina managed to stay ahead all the time, and that will have them facing the "surprising" semifinalist Prado Júnior, who snatched Fluminense the second place in Group B after collecting 6 out of nine points.

Precisely in group B, Botafogo stayed perfect to secure a place among the best four, although in their last game against Fluminense only the penalty shootout let the close the group stage with no defeats in their counter. An eventual victroy by 'Flu' would have changed everything, but the 9-meter-distance lottery priced Botafogo, and Fluminense, with three points, was denied access to the semifinals. Their first place in Group B, then, will have the Lone Star taking on Mundialito de Clubes runners-up 'Fla' in the game for the final. 


GROUP A – Vasco da Gama, Flamengo, Búzios and Cabofriense
GROUP B – Fluminense, Botafogo, Prado Júnior and Casimiro de Abreu

Wednesday, 19th February
17:00 – Vasco da Gama 14-5 Búzios
18:15 – Fluminense 2-3 Prado Júnior
19:30 – Botafogo 7-0 Casimiro de Abreu
20:45 – Flamengo 6-2 Cabofriense

Thursday, 20th February
17h – Fluminense 10-3 Casimiro de Abreu
18:15 – Flamengo 8-3 Búzios
19:30  – Botafogo 5-3 Prado Júnior
20:45 – Vasco da Gama 14-6 Cabofriense

Friday, 21st February
17h – Búzios 8-6 Cabofriense
18:15 – Botafogo 1(5)-1(4) Fluminense (pso)
19:30  – Casimiro de Abreu 1-10 Prado Júnior
20:45 – Flamengo 4-5 Vasco da Gama

Saturday, 22nd February
19:30 – Vasco da Gama vs Prado Júnior (semi-final 1)
20:45 – Botafogo vs Flamengo (semi-final 2)

Sunday, 23rd February
15:00 – Final

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