Madjer cup figueira
07 Mar 2018

First Madjer Youth Cup to take place in Figueira da Foz

BSWW supports the international youth competition, scheduled for June 21-24

The Madjer Youth Beach Soccer Cup, international U16 and U18 competition, has been confirmed for June 21-24. The tournament, organized by Figueira Beach Sports City Project and sanctioned by BSWW, will take place in the Portuguese resort of Buarcos Beach in Figueira da Foz. 

Twelve to sixteen teams from all over the World will take part in the differnet U26 and 18 divisions, both men and women, with a unique ambassador: Portuguese maestro Madjer. Between the official opening on Thursday, June 21st, to the finals on Sunday 24th, the fans at beautiful Figueira da Foz will be treated with hundreds of beach soccer games, in a unique youth beach soccer festival. 

Joan Cusco, CEO of Beach Soccer World Wide highlighted the importance of such competitions: “A competition of this kind that involves young players and enhances the formative aspect of our sport is a great new! Besides being played in one of the cradles of our sport as is Portugal, with the name of one of the greatest athletes of beach soccer ever, the expectations could not be greater” he said.

Portuguese international Madjer, who gives his name to the event also praised the initiative, saying that “Expectations are undoubtedly very high, considering that it will be the first international youth tournament held worldwide, a tournament which comes to fill an existing gap in the beach soccer world." 

In the same line, Rui Loureiro, who is the Project Manager at Figueira Beach Sports City and the Founder & CEO of Doctor Sport, mentioned that “We feel it is very important to promote the sport of beach soccer at the youth level in order to achieve long-term, sustainable growth, which would allow it to transition from a niche sport to one day becoming an Olympic sport and a more prevalent professional sport with mass audience appeal, and having an event such as this gives our youth players something to aspire to and can also serve as a stepping stone for them to reach the professional level.”  

Steven Ciltron, president of Southern California BSC, is another of the beach soccer professionals involved in the organization of the event. “We are really excited about this event because talented youth teams can gain tremendous experience and benefit greatly by participating in international competitions”, he said. “These benefits not only include advancing their skills and experience level in the sport itself, but also extending it to multi-cultural learning and the development of lifelong friendships supported by the love and passion for this sport, which can help players from all countries and cultures find a common ground,” Ciltron concluded.

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