02 May 2013

Beach Soccer in the Euro Olympics!

Azeri Minister of Sports, Azad Rahimov, announced the sport will be part of Baku 2015, to happen between 12th and 28th June

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26 Apr 2013

Match Schedule for Bahamas confirmed!

25 games will pass sentence on who goes to Tahiti in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 ? CONCACAF Qualifier Bahamas


23 Apr 2013

Beach Soccer travels to Riviera Maya!

Mexico, Spain, Brazil and the Bahamas take part in the BSWW Riviera Maya Cup 2013 (Playa del Carmen, from 3rd to 5th of May)


23 Apr 2013

Draw held in The Bahamas

The eleven sides participating in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 ? CONCACAF Qualifier get distributed into three groups


22 Apr 2013

El Jadida (Morocco) to host African Qualifier

The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 ? Africa Qualifier will travel to the Moroccan seaside city, putting two slots at stake

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19 Apr 2013

Record 11 teams in CONCACAF Qualifier

The draw, to take place next 23 April in Nassau, will set the teams' fate, with only two tickets to Papeete at stake


19 Apr 2013

Draw sets groups for Euro Winners Cup

The 20 clubs were drawn into five groups. Only the heads of each group plus the best second ranked sides gain quarterfinals.


17 Apr 2013

Iran tune up against European sides

The Persian beat Belarus in two friendly matches held this week in Teheran, and will now take on Hungary, too


16 Apr 2013

20 teams take part in Euro Winners Cup!

The first European Clubs Competition achieves a record-breaking participation, with clubs from 18 different countries


11 Apr 2013

No Orange chance in Tahiti

The Tiki Toa beat the Dutch in the last of the matches, sealing a six-win run in this first months of 2013