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23 Feb 2018

Identity is key for clubs’ future

By Roberto Caretto, president of Lazio Beach Soccer

Roberto Caretto is Manager Lazio Beach Soccer

We find ourselves in a crucial moment for the development of the national championships and the clubs involved in them. A moment that requires taking action and thinking far ahead, way further than tomorrow or next month.  

The excessive mobility of players is harming the sport’s projection, and needs to be dealt with as soon as possible. It is impossible to understand for fans, sponsors, the media or teams how one single player can play in so many different events representing so many different clubs, what results in a loss of credibility of our sport.

The first move to address that situation was made this week, with a significant meeting at BSWW headquarters that put down a list of initiatives to help structure that. But this is just the beginning, as it will demand everybody’s implication (players, clubs, National FAs, BSWW, etc.) to help beach soccer correct this casuistry.

We all need to work with one concept in mind: identity.

Like in all other team sports, the key to success is the association between players and teams, what backbones the identity of the clubs. Players are our most valuable asset, and we need to work on their relationship with their clubs and their fans, at the time we provide the best working conditions for them.

What is the point in seeing most of the players of a club come and go summer after summer? What kind of identification with your stars is in there?

What kind of interest will a sponsor have, seeing the icons they associate their brand with play for so many different clubs at a time?

Or how can media help us project our sport, when they want to tell the story of a player who no one can tell the club he plays for?

We have to tackle that situation, as this is clearly not the way to strengthen the credibility of our sport and our national championships. This is why I think that the decisions made this week in the Working Group meeting are a truly wise move. But they are just one first step. Let’s keep working.  

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