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09 Mar 2012

Vasco da Gama leads group A

All options open for last league day, as Recife, Cruzeiro, Flamengo, Botafogo, and Sampaio keep chances for semifinals of Copa Brazil

After two match days in the Copa Brasil, it is very difficult to anticipate which of the teams will make it to the semifinals in each of the groups. The only one with good numbers regarding next stage are Vasco da Gama, after their extra-time victory over Switzerland. The Swiss, left with almost no option up to this point, were close to get things really muddled up in the Centro Cultural Povos da Amazônia, as they battled till the additional period against current runner-ups Vasco de Gama, namely one of the favourites of the tournament. The nets by Borer (2), Stankovic and Rodrígues contested the ones by Bruno Xavier, Bueno (2) and Mauricinho to send the match to the extra three minutes, during which the Brazilian side’s star, Bruno Xavier, grabbed the two points for his side.

Another one of the red hot favourites, current champions Botafogo, will face today Cruzeiro for a place in semifinals. Madjer, Alan, Betinho, Pampero and co. need a convincing victory in their game against the team from Minas Gerais after having been only able to rescue two points against Rio Branco in the opening match day.

In group B, Sampaio Correia and hosts Manaus, both of them with two victories after bending Zico 10, will battle for the ticket to next round.

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Group A – Vasco da Gama (RJ), Flamengo (RJ), Sport Recife (PE) and Suíça
Group B – Sampaio Correa (MA), Manaus FC (AM) and Zico 10 (RJ)
Group C – Botafogo (RJ), Cruzeiro (MG) and Rio Branco (ES)

Results and Match Schedule:

Wednesday, March 7th, 2012
18h – Zico 10 4x5 Manaus – match 01 (Group B)
19h – Botafogo 5(1)x5(0) Rio Branco – match 02 (Group C)
20h – Vasco da Gama 4x3 Sport Recife – match 03 (Group A)
21h – Flamengo 4x2 Switzerland – match 04 (Group A)

Thursday, March 8th, 2012
18h – Sampaio Correa 4x2 Zico 10 – match 05 (Group B)
19h – Cruzeiro 3(1)x 3(0)Rio Branco – match 06 (Group C)
20h – Flamengo 4 x6 Sport Recife – match 07 (Group A)
21h – Vasco da Gama 4(1)x4(0) Switzerland – match 08 (Group A)

Friday, March 9th, 2012
18h – Sampaio Correa x Manaus – match 09 (Group B)
19h – Switzerland x Sport Recife – match 10 (Group C)
20h – Botafogo x Cruzeiro – match 11 (Group A)
21h – Flamengo x Vasco da Gama – match 12 (Group A)

Saturday, March 10th, 2012
18h – 1st Group A x 1st Group B – match 13
19h – 1st Group C x 2nd Group A – match 14

Sunday, March 11th, 2012
3rd/4th place
09h – loser match 13 x loser match 14
10h – winner match 13 x winner match 14

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