FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 - Europe Qualifier Moscow
03 Jul 2012

Round of 16 sorted with surprises

The last group stage day sets the configuration of the play-off sending eight teams to the quarterfinals pool

Spain joins the top 16, but Turkey makes it too

The Spanish National Team might have missed the first train to round of 16 yesterday, but they definitely would not miss it a second and last time. Acknowledging that they might be facing their last chance of going on in this FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 – Qualifier Moscow, the Spaniards took on Turkey with one idea in mind: Spain cannot be left out of the next round. And they were not. The result, at the same time has Turkey on too, as one of the best third-ranked teams. 

Joaquin Alonso’s lads got down to business rather quickly, and legend Amarelle scored his first today just one minute after kick-off. By the end of the first period, Javi Torres took the baton to widen the gap and give Spain a safe cushion from then on. The Ottoman found it hard to fight the Spanish well-settled dominion, and could never reach Dona’s nets before the last stages of the second period, thanks to Erhan.

Turkey’s number 6 turned into the biggest threat for the Spaniards today, and all goals by Adil’s side came from his feet. In Spain, La Roja’s most talented players, Ramiro Amarelle and Javi Torres split this duty, with the latter repeating for the 3-1. Once they knew the way, Turkey managed to upset Dona a couple of times more, keeping dangerously close to Alonso’s team, but Amarelle and Torres were always there to brush out any possibility of the Turkish catching them in the score. The final 5-3 guarantees Spain a place among the best 16 teams in the Qualifier, and the will face  Italy for a place in the second Group stage, where the ticket to Tahiti will be sorted. Turkey, with 3 points, got among the best thirds of the tournament, and will also have their chance in the following stage, facing Ukraine. 

Goals: 1-0: Amarelle, min. 10 (1); 2-0: Javi Torres, min. 2 (1) ; 2-1 : Erhan, min. 2 (2) ; 3-1 : Javi Torres, min. 10 (3) ; 3-2 : Erhan, min. 10 (3) ; 4-2 : Amarelle, min. 3 (3) ; 5-2 : Javi Torres, min. 3, min. 1 (3) ; 5-3 : Erhan, min. 0 (3) ;

Netherlands certifies head of group against improved Norway

Netherland ended this first stage of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 - Qualifier Moscow topping group D, after an immaculate 9 out of 9 record. After having edged powerful opponents as Turkey and Spain, Kokmeijer’s side could not let Norway ruin such a brilliant trajectory, and despite founding a tougher resistance than the one they thought, the final 6-3 got the job done. Now, the Orange are to face Israel in the next round.

Norway had no chances to get onto next round, but their competitive spirit brought them to hit the sand with the will of making things as difficult for the Dutch as possible. Indeed, a significant improvement was noticed in the Norwegian performance, even fostered by the game’s opener, scored by Jakobsen, which got them ahead for many minutes, until Van der Geest equalized the score. After he had broken that first barrier, Rawidjan, Summerville and Van Gessel completed the Netherlander recovery, having things 4-1 by the end of second period.

Despite the match getting an unmistakable Orange colour, Senja kept pushing his team forth with the 4-2, only to find Ax’s immediate reply to grant his team an easy last period. Rawidjan’s 6-2, with two minutes to go, seemed the full stop for this match but, Hansen, little afterwards, bagged the last sweet memory for Norway in the competition. 

Goals: 0-1: Jackobsen, min.7 (1); 1-1: Van der Geest, min. 6 (2); 2-1: Rawidjan, min. 4 (2); 3-1: Summerville, min. 2 (2); 4-1: Van Gessel, min. 2 (2); 4-2: Senja, min. 11 (3); 5-2: Ax, min. 1 (3); 6-2: Rawidjan, min. 1 (3); 6-3: Hansen, min. 1 (3)

Greece hammers Moldova and becomes a best third

The prolific last effort by Greece over Moldova produced great result for the Hellenic, who clinched one of the berths destined to one of the best third-ranked teams in this FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 – Qualifier Moscow. The surprising Belarus, head of group F is the team awaiting Soilemes’ side for a place in quarterfinals.

The amazing first period by the Greek, lead by a wonderful Paris, was the key to their win. Despite Moldova’s surprising opener, the Hellenic stood back again with an amazing 4-0 run in which their captain’s hat-trick carried a lot of stress. After such a titanic effort, Soilemes side took a little break during the second half, in which only Bertsias produced some benefit for them, ready to finish the work in the third.

The Greek 6-1 opened that last leg, in which, despite Baesus’ hit for the 6-2, their effectiveness would get them to a final loud victory. Triantafyllidys and captain Paris closed the score which gave the Mediterranean side the first three points in the competition plus a +6 goal record, which finally has them on a total goal average of -2, enough to join the best-third quartet.

Goals: 0-1: Negara, min. 9 (1); 1-1: Paris, min. 7 (1); 2-1: Stratis, min. 6 (1); 3-1: Paris, min. 2 (1); 4-1: Paris, min. 2 (1); 5-1: Bertsias, min. 9 (2); 6-1: Gkrytzalis, min. 10 (3); 6-2: Baesu, min. 5 (3); 7-2: Triantafyllidis, min. 3 (3); 8-2: Paris, min. 1 (3)

One goal gets Switzerland on next round

The current Euro Beach Soccer League runner-ups found a tough time against Azerbaijan in their last group stage game in this FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 – Qualifier Moscow. Despite the breathtaking last seconds of the game, in which the Alpine could have lost the points, the mission ended up accomplished by Schirinzi’s side, who, with six points, gets into next round. Bad news for the Alpine are the opponent they are to face in this next round: current World Champions Russia. It’s a real shame for Beach Soccer fans to miss one of these excellent teams in newt global showcase….

Still feeling the sting of their opening defeat against Belarus, Switzerland got to this game with the need of clinching the points if they wanted not to depend on other results to have their berth in the round of 16 secured. Azerbaijan had given evidence enough of being a combative side and the Swiss offensive attempts produced no result during almost the whole first period. With the horn coming closer, Meier swept them ahead, achieving an advantage which, although menaced, they would never lose from then on.

Borer widened the distance in the beginning of the second period, and, despite Aliyav’s 2-1, the hits by Schirinzi and Meier again pushed the score to 4-1 with just four minutes to go. That last seconds, though, turned to be a really uncomfortable ones for the European runner-ups, as the enthusiastic Azeri kept fighting and cut the distance to 4-2 and 4-3. That last goal by Zeynal came with just seconds to go, and the Swiss could secure their goal against any possible latter attempt, thus bagging their sixth points and seeing themselves facing Russia in the round of sixteen.

Goals: 1-0: Meier; min.1 (1); 2-0: Borer; min. 8 (2); 2-1: Aliyav; min. 7 (2); 3-1: Schrinzi; min. 4 (2); 4-1: Meier, min. 4 (3); 4-2: Elvin, min. 2 (3); 4-3: Zeynal, min. 0 (3)

Belarus tops group C after edging England

Belarus brushed remaining English options away in the last group stage match of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013. The final 2-4 rounds a terrific first leg for the surprising Belarusian, who after having beaten all their opponents, get to next round heading group C, and will now take on Greece for a place in quarterfinals. England, instead, is left out of the race, with 0 points.

There was only a slight chance for the English side to the top-16, and it necessarily involved winning this last game, and doing so with a remarkable goal difference which could have them as one of the best third-ranked teams. Bowes’ lads knew that very well and hit the sand with the sole idea of putting the Belarusian goalkeeper to the test. These first English efforts found Terry Bowes opening the score and having his team ahead for the whole first period. Things were working fine for England so far.

But at the beginning of the second leg, a misfortunate ball deflected in by Evans equalized the score back, and gave Belarus the air they needed, as Bokach confirmed with the 1-2 just seconds afterwards. The Belarusian were now experiencing their most inspired minutes, and despite England kept standing still, with Bowes immediately leveling things back again with the 2-2, Miranovich replied for the 2-3.

Despite the English team tried to counteract this hit for the remaining minutes, and the whole third period, the Belarusian defense left no crack uncovered. With just some seconds to go, Davidovich finished a personal counterattack move to kill the game and define things in the group, placing his team on the top of the table, and England at the bottom.    

Goals: 0-1: Bowes, min. 7 (1); 1-1: Evans (og), min. 10 (2); 1-2: Bokach, min. 9 (2); 2-2: Bowes, min. 8 (3); 2-3: Miranovich, min. 7 (3); 2-4: Davidovich, min. 0 (3)

German win over Latvia not enough

The short rent achieved by Germany over Latvia turned to be not enough for the Mannshaft to seal a ticket to next round. After their defeat yesterday to Russia, the Germans needed, at least, a 6 goal rent to go ahead in this FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 – Qualifier Moscow, a booty they did not manage to conquer against a combative Latvia who had, in turn, even fewer chances, if any, to qualify. 

It is a pity for Böringschulte’s team to be outside the competition, after having offered some solid performances, tightly losing against Poland and winning their last game in the group. But facing the World Champions Russia is something they ended up paying for, as the 1-6 suffered against the Russian roller is the result that have finally banned them the doors to the best 16.

Only a big- rent victory in this last chance would have done for Germany, and despite Ulle and Olli pointed the way, the team’s offensive resources found no further reward, against a thorough Latvian side who did not want to stomach a new thrashing. With Vasiljev’s 2-1, with just two minutes to go, the road reach its end for the Germans, who will keep training regarding their next big competition: the second Euro Beach Soccer League stage they are hosting in Berlin (August 3rd-5th).

Goals: 1-0: Ulle, min. 10 (1); 2-0: Olli, min. 9 (2); 2-1: Vasiljev, min. 2 (3)

France resists against Romania to jump onto next round

The French National side secured the second place in group D after resisting stoically the Romanian  attacks during the whole third period. That laudable resistance, and the rent they got with a second period 1-4 merited them a place in the next round in this FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 – Qualifier Moscow, where they are to take on one of the biggest guys in the old Continent, Portugal, looking for a place in the quarterfinals group stage.

After a bittersweet trajectory by both teams in Moscow, it was not easy to foresee the conclusion of today’s fixtures. Both of them had lost to Czech Republic and had won Estonia to clinch the only three points in their records so far. Under these circumstances, only a win today would grant the ticket to the next phase. The beginning, as anticipated, was terribly balanced, with France hitting first, through François, only to find Gindac’s reply for the Romanians.

One of Les Bleus’ main objective was managing to disarm the Carpathian main weapon, Maci, something they were really successful at. Without the help of their brightest sorcerer, Romania found it really difficult to get back on the track when France hit three times in a few minutes for the 1-4. Before it was too late, though, Croi cut the distance and got his team ready for a desperate fight during the third period.

Farcas’ side tried all possible ways to find the French back of the net, but François’ lads denied their attempts once and again. Only M. Poste, by mid third period could break the French deadlock, something his team, despite trying and trying, could never achieve again, thus seeing themselves out of the competition. France, in turn, happily jumps onto next round, where they will find fearful Portugal trying to block their way on. 

Goals: 0-1: François, min. 5 (1); 1-1 : Gindac, min. 4 (1); 1-2 : Mendy, min. 0 (1) ; 1-3 : Gindac (og), min. 9 (2) ; 1-4 : Pagis, min. 3 (2) ; 2-4 : Croi, min. 3 (2) ; 3-4 : M. Poste, min. 5 (3)

Unforgettable last minute gets Israel in

Only 90 seconds before the final horn of their game against Bulgaria, Israel were absolutely out of the next round of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 – Qualifier Moscow. 90 seconds later, the Israeli players were running towards their friends and teammates in the stands to celebrate the victory. Only magic, and the spirit of Beach Soccer can explain what happened in that short, but intense lapse of time that will have Israel facing Netherlands tomorrow in the Round of 16.

After having lost their first two matches, Bulgaria and Israel faced today the last chance of going through the next phase. It was just one or the other, and Bulgaria had better figures thanks to their defensive spirit only allowing one-goal difference defeats. With the goal scored by Filipov at a very early stage of the game, Giorgiev’s side would have had enough to access next round.

As minutes went by, and Israel proved unable to evade the Bulgarian resistance, the dream seemed closer and closer. When the ticket was really at hand, only at a 90 seconds distance, the whole thing changed for Bulgaria. Badash ruined the party with an equalizer that, should it have stayed, would have sent both sides home. But the Israeli reaction would not stop at that point, as Iloz and Badash again turned the 0-1 into a 3-1 right before Bulgaria could even realize what was going on. With the final result, then, Israel captures their last chance to go on, and will now face Netherlands in the upcoming phase.

Goals: 0-1: Filipov, min. 3 (1); 1-1: Badash, min. 1 (3); 2-1: Iloz, min. 0 (3); 3-1: Badash, min. 0 (3)

Estonia prevents the Czech 9/9 strike

Estonia could farewell this FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 – Qualifier Moscow with the sweet taste of having been the only ones capable to bend the group leaders, Czech Republic. Despite their chances to go on were almost extinct, due to a rather negative goal-average, the Estonians did not want to let by the chance of fielding a serious battle, and making a new step in their growth. Upsetting the Czechs, who will face Hungary in the next phase, was a really good way to do it…

The game was a really physically fought one. None of the teams wanted to concede a single meter, as a prove that, despite being things quite defined in the group (no matter the result, France would not overtake the Czechs), both contenders wanted to take it seriously. Estonia was absolutely confident on their possibilities, regardless their points so far, and began hitting, with Siska and Anton raising a 0-2 in the score that would last until mid last period.

The frenetic pace would not flag during the second and the third legs, either, and Czech Republic finally found the reward to their tireless fight, with Hurab and Karda equalizing the score. But today was Estonia’s day, and Saharov immediately replied to got the points on Estonian hands again. Despite the defeat, though, Czech’s Republic berth was secured beforehand, and they will play Hungary for a ticket to the final battle for the tickets to Tahiti.

Goals: 0-1: Siska, min. 2 (1), 0-2: Anton, min. 1 (2); 1-2: Huráb, min. 5 (3); 2-2: Karda, min. 3 (3); 2-3: Saharov, min. 3

Italy conquers first place in group E

Italy ended up closing a brilliant group stage in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 – Qualifier Moscow. Their victory over Hungary raised them to the highest place in group E with a laudable records of 8 points out of 9, and they are now to take on Spain seeking the quarterfinals phase, where the final battle for the tickets to Tahiti is to take place.

The furious pace fielded by the Azzurri during the first half of the game caught Hungary by surprise. When they tried to wake up, Italy was tyrannically commanding the game, and, despite Abel’s attempt at the last seconds of the first leg, being 2-0 down, the Italian Concerto went on, even more loudly, during the second period. During that stage, a devastating 5-0 run almost dropped the curtains of the match, with even one period to go.

In that last 12 minutes, the Magyar tried to shake off the Azzurri dominion, but the goals by Jaksa and Ughy were a way too shy reply to what the Italian had already built. The final whistle certified Esposito’s team at the head of group E, so they will take on Spain tomorrow in the round of 16 to see who gets into the quarterfinals group stage. 

Goals: 1-0: Marinai, min. 7 (1); 2-0: Soria, min. 1 (1); 2-1: Abel, min. 0 (1); 3-1: Gori, min. 11 (2); 4-1: Marinai, min. 8 (2); 5-1: Ramacciotti, min. 8 (2); 6-1: Corosiniti, min. 0 (2); 7-1: Gori, min. 0 (2); 7-2: Jaksa, min. 7 (3); 7-3: Ughy, min. 7 (3);

Defending champions finally behave as so... (1-2)

Ukraine finally revealed the secret of their unconvincing performances so far in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 – Qualifier Moscow. When the moment of the truth was upon them, the defending champions behaved as they were meant to, bending one of the most powerful teams in the world, Portugal, to claim the first place in group B. The qualifying of neither of the teams was at risk, though, but with the final result, the Ukrainians, topping the table, will take on Turkey whereas Portugal will face France.

Despite Jordan swept the Portuguese ahead by mid first period, the match was terrifically hard-fought, as it was not difficult to foresee. Knowing the amount of harm the team in front could happen to cause on them, both Ukraine and Portugal chose not to get too uncovered, and wait for a chance to counterattack. Defenders ruled over forwards despite the huge talent on display, and the score did not suffer major changes.

The current title holders, though, needed to do an extra effort to go for the match, as the Portuguese, with the result on their favour were not the ones forced to propose. Coming closer and closer to Graça’s dominions, Butko finally broke the barrier, equalizing the game in the last breath of the second period. Wisely, Ukraine did not ease off, now that they were commanding the game, and went for a bigger prize, which they found just some minutes after, with Igor Borsuk’s winner. Portugal could never again reply this latter hit, an saw minutes go by to get Ukraine at the top of the table. As previously stated, though, that was a minor harm, as the qualification was already sealed for both sides, who might face again at a further stage of the Qualifier, provided they beat their opponents in the round of sixteen.  

Goals: 1-0: Jordan, min. 4 (1); 1-1: Butko, min. 0 (2); 1-2: I. Borsuk, min. 9 (3)

Poland knocks World Champions down in extra time

After almost two years, Poland managed what no other team in the world have managed to do: beating the World Champions Russia. With this amazing achievement, the mighty Polish climb to the highest place in group A to secure a much more, a priori, comfortable fixture in round of 16, where they skip Switzerland to take on Azerbaijan. Instead, Russians and Swiss will face tomorrow to access the quarterfinals group stage. The pity is that only one of them will do so. The other one will be definitely sidelined for Tahiti 2013.

Not even half a minute was needed to prove that the Poland National side had come to run a real riot in Moscow. Ziober opened the score for Saganowskis’s side and triggered all the Russian alarms. Leonov and Shishin replied for a 2-1 which seemed to stick more to the script everyone should be think on, but the Polish felt strong enough to try a second assault. Baran, with the 2-2, and the tight resistance of the whole team sent the game into extra time.

Forcing the world champions into the additional leg is yet a real success in itself, but Poland would bring their stunt even further. With the clock ticking close to the horn, Baran found a free kick right by Bukhlitskiy’s box, and he did not miss the chance to grant his side a historic win. This victory leaves Poland in the best possible mood to face their next challenge, Azerbaijan, whereas causes one of the two biggest teams in the world, Russia or Switzerland, failing to qualify for next summer’s FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 Tahiti.

Goals: 0-1: Ziober, min. 11 (1); 1-1: Leonov, min. 7 (1); 2-1: Shishin, min. 3 (1); 2-2: Baran, min. 8 (2); 2-3: Baran, min. 8 (3)

Results today:

Tues 3.07.12
11:00 –Spain 5-3 Turkey (Pitch 1)
11:00 – Netherlands 6-3 Norway (Pitch 2)
12:15 – Greece 8-2 Moldova (Pitch 1)
12:15 – Switzerland 4-3 Azerbaijan (Pitch 2)
13:30 – England 2-4 Belarus (Pitch 1)
13:30 – Germany 2-1 Latvia (Pitch 2)
14:45 – Romania 3-4 France (Pitch 1)
14:45 – Czech Republic 2-3 Estonia (Pitch 2)
16:00 – Israel 3-1 Bulgaria (Pitch 1)
17:15 – Italy 7-3 Hungary (Pitch 1)
18:30 – Portugal 1-2 Ukraine (Pitch 1)
19:45 – Russia 2-3 (et) Poland (Pitch 1)

Matches for tomorrow

Round of 16
Wed 4.07.12
11:00 –  Belarus Vs Greece
12:15 –  Netherlands Vs Israel
13:30 –  Czech Republic Vs Hungary
14:45 –  Poland Vs Azerbaijan
16:00 –  Ukraine Vs Turkey
17:15 –  Russia Vs Switzerland
18:30 –  Italy Vs Spain
19:45 –  Portugal Vs France

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Italy ITA 2 2 0 0 17 4 13 6
Fc delta copia web FCD 2 2 0 0 14 10 4 6
Flags thumb Alliance 2 0 0 2 7 15 -8 0
Turkey TUR 2 0 0 2 7 16 -9 0
Group Stage - Group B
Russia RUS 2 2 0 0 9 4 5 6
Bsc kristall KRS 2 1 0 1 12 5 7 3
Bsc krylya sovetov KSV 2 0 1 1 7 9 -2 2
Logo city 01 copia web FCC 2 0 0 2 5 15 -10 0
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