FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 - CONMEBOL Qualifier Merlo-San Luis
10 Feb 2013

Chile and Argentina get ahead in Group A

Two tight victories against Colombia (5-6) and Peru (1-2) give La Roja and the Albiceleste first points in CONMEBOL Qualifier

Chile snatch first 3 in the Qualifier

Colombia and Chile gave this FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 ? CONMEBOL Qualifier Merlo an amusing opening, in a hard-fought, goal-packed game decided with a distance in the score of just one hit. 

That slight difference had the Chileans clinching the first points at stake and thus topping the table in Group A, together with Argentina. Despite Colombia opened the score, and managed to step ahead after each of their opponent?s equalizers, Albuerno gave the De Luise?s side the first lead midway second leg, and that turned the course of the game.

The Cafeteros could level the score in the first occasion, thanks to Gomez, but the two consecutive hits by Carrasco and Barraza gave Chile a consistent two-goal distance. That was too much to cope with for Colombia, whose last response was Moshamer?s second goal for the 5-6, but the reaction went no further.

Goles: 1-0: Ángel, min. 5 (1); 1-1: Ponce, min. 4 (1); 2-1: Moshamer, min. 0 (1); 2-2: Belaunde, min. 10 (2); 3-2: Anaya, min. 9 (2); 3-3: Ponce, min. 9 (2); 3-4: Albuerno, min. 4 (2); 4-4: Gómez, min. 2 (2); 4-5: Carrasco, min. 10 (3); 4-6: Barraza, min. 7 (3); 5-6: Moshamer, min. 4 (3)

Hard-laboured win for Argentina to join the group head

The hosts had a difficult time this afternoon bending Peru in their first game in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 ? CONMEBOL Qualifier. In a game where the most outstanding was the amusing atmosphere raised at the Parque Recreativo stadium, things could have gone really dark for Petrasso?s side if some of the Peruvian final attempts had found Salgueiro?s nets.

The Argentinean goalkeeper performance, and their ability to have really few happening on the pitch when the score is favourable, ended up meriting the Albiceleste the three points and giving the excellent crowd what they were willing for.

The match could not find a better opening for the hosts, as Leguizamon took just a few seconds to fire the first home. The score did not move again for the rest of the period, and it was again in the very first move in the second period that Argentina widened the distance. This time, Medero was the one finding the back of the net.

Peru replied rather soon, with more than a full half of the game to tackle the final assault to try upset the Albiceleste. But the experienced Argentinean players managed to block the rest of attempts from them on to finally capture the three points and join Chile ahead of group A.

Goles: 0-1: Leguizamón, min. 11 (1); 0-2: Medero, min. 11 (2); 1-2: Castro, min. 7 (2)

FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2013 ? CONMEBOL Qualifier Merlo-San Luis

Results today:

Sunday, 10th of February, 2013 
13:00 ? Colombia 5-6 Chile   
14:15 ? Peru 1-2 Argentina   

Matches for tomorrow:

Monday, 11th of February, 2013  
13:00 ? Venezuela vs Uruguay   
14:15 ? Chile vs Peru
15:30 ? Colombia vs Paraguay   
16:45 ? Ecuador vs Brazil

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