Euro Beach Soccer League Moscow 2013
02 Aug 2013

Spain and Russia bag first points in Moscow

The results today deny the Germans their last chances to the Superfinal, whereas Romania would need a miracle

Spain strikes Romania down in the last half

Spain virtually closed Romania the doors to the Euro Beach Soccer Superfinal, following a consistent 0-6 win in the opening of the last regular phase stage here in Moscow. La Roja, lead again by a brilliant Llorenç, used a terribly prolific second half of the game to seal a win that makes things almost impossible for the Carpathian.

This Euro Beach Soccer League Moscow started off in a low pace, and neither Romania nor Spain were able to do any harm on their opponent?s defense. Despite just pride was at stake for the Spaniards, who have their place in the Superfinal already secured as hosts, this first matchday in the last regular phase stage could mean the last chance for Romania.

Minutes went by into the second period, and the score did not move. Only a penalty kick, after a flagrant foul committed by Boata on Cintas, would bring the game?s opener. The Spanish number 17 would not miss the chance to push his side ahead.

After that first hit, things got quite more frenetic, especially in relation to the Spaniard offensive efforts.  Llorenç began a new brilliant solo, scoring four goals and smashing the Romanian chances to the points. Salvador Ardil, ?Chiky?, who was making his debut with La Roja, added his name to the scorer?s chart with the 0-6 in the last minutes of the game, closing a consistent victory for Spain, who seems to be in a great shape after beating the Mundialito in Portugal last weekend.  

Goals: 0-1: Cintas, min.3 (2); 0-2: Llorenç, min. 0 (2) ; 0-3 : Llorenç, min. 6 (3) ; 0-4 : Llorenç, min. 4 (3) ; 0-5 : Llorenç, min. 3 (3); 0-6: Chiky, min. 2 (3)

Russia overcomes German opener to clinch first three points

Russia needed an extra effort, and a last breath winner, to secure the points in their debut in the Euro Beach Soccer League stage they are hosting in Moscow. Germany proved to be a tough contender and made things terribly difficult for the World Champions, even playing at home. Germany?s options to the Superfinal were really scarce, and have now vanished after this defeat.

Defenses prevailed over attacks during the first two periods of the game. Russia were the ones enjoying more goal chances but none of their attempts found the back of an inspired Penke?s nets. Instead, it was Ulle who swept the Germans ahead, with a terrific shot from the halfway line.

The World Champions got into the third period down in the score, facing a mighty German team they will find it difficult to counteract. Likhachev?s lads tried and tried, and Shaykov volleyed the equalizer in. The job was not done yet, as only a victory would leave Russia, and their crowd, fully satisfied. Despite putting the German goal under a tight siege, Penke was amazingly able to deny the hosts? attempts once and again. 

With the game heading to extra time, captain Ilya Leonov found the German nets once again for the winner, swiftly deflecting a corner kick ball home to complete the Russian comeback and seal the three points.

Goals: 1-0: Ulle, min. 2 (2); 1-1: Shaykov, min. 9 (3); 1-2: Leonov, min. 1 (3);


Results today:

Friday, 2nd of August, 2013

17:45 ? Romania 0-6 Spain
19:00 ? Germany 1-2 Russia   

Matches for tomorrow:

Saturday, 3rd of August, 2013
17:45 ? Spain vs Germany   
19:00 ? Russia vs Romania   

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