15 Nov 2013

Tight results define semifinals

Botafogo will face Flamengo after beating Vasco da Gama, who will take on Corinthians in search for a place in the final

Al-Ahli displays defensive prowess to upset Barcelona

The big 3-1 win for The Red Knights was their first of the tournament and it eliminated Barça from continuing on to the semi-finals. The Dubai squad was seconds away from completing a shut-out but that plan was deterred when the Spain legend Amarelle scored a consolation goal with only seconds left. The defensive struggle lasted until the third period, when all four goals were eventually scored.

The first period was extremely exciting and began with both sides showing grit in shutting down the opposing teams offenses. Neither side were given many offensive chances. The keepers made every stop they were called upon to make and the period ended with a score of 0-0.

Much like the first period, the second period saw neither team score, not from lack of effort. In fact, just the opposite as the defenses were strutting around the pitch showing what they were capable of. The middle frame ended how the game started, with both sides tied at 0.

The third frame was intensely exciting, but for different reasons. The offenses broke free and began the scoring, and early. The Portuguese star scored seconds into the period, giving his UAE based side the 1 goal lead. The defensive work took over again for most of the period but that all changed with three minutes when Al-Ahli scored again to give themselves a two goal lead. Only two minutes later, Belchior scored his second to put the match out of reach. Almost at the last possible moment, Barcelona scored on a free kick to give themselves one goal on the day.

The final 3-1 means that neither Barcelona nor Al Ahly will get past the group stage. Vasco da Gama and Botafogo occupy the first two positions in Group A and will progress to semi-finals.

Goals: 0-1: Belchior, min. 11 (3); 0-2: Hasan Ali, min. 3 (3); 0-3: Belchior, min. 1 (3); 1-3: Amarelle, min. 0 (3).

Peñarol uses big 2nd period to win

The first win for C.A. Peñarol was a perfect picture of what an offense can and should look like, striking quickly, one after the other. The first period showed great defense as well, as both teams were limited to one goal each. The three points for the Uruguayan squad following the 6-4 win gives them their first win and points of the tournament. The loss for A.C. Milan has them winless in the tournament as they were forced to play catch-up in every match.

Both sides came out playing very fast and Milan was able to score first with a great shot by the Italian Ramacciotti. The goal put his side up early 1-0. In what was a great clinic in team defense, both sides quieted the others offense, until late in the period. With four minutes remaining in the opening frame, Peñarol did not miss the opportunity to score on a free kick 9 meters from the goal. The first period ended with a score of 1-1.

The early minutes of the second period began as quick and as exciting as you can expect from Beach Soccer. There were three goals scored in less than a minute. The first two were by the Uruguayan, the last of their set-up brilliantly and slammed home by Nico. On cue, as if they had finally had enough, The rossoneri scored their own, their first of the second period to get back within one goal. Peñarol side wanted to restore order and quickly scored another to go back up by two goals. Less than a minute later the Italians scored again, on a free kick to get back to a one goal deficit. The charrúas added one more late goal to restore their two goal and going into the final period the result was 3-5, Peñarol.

The final frame began with both teams firing shots on goal and was immensely exciting though differing from the middle period, the strikes were not hitting the back of the net. Late into the period no goals had been scored. The defenses and specifically the goalies forgot the six goal second period and played magnificently. Late in the period, Gori of Milan, scored his second hit of the match to get his side within one score and make the match that much more dramatic. Peñarol was determined not to allow a full comeback and scored again late to go up by two goals, and that is how the game would end, A.C. Milan 4-6 Peñarol.

The 4-6 win for Peñarol gave them their first win of the tournament and they earned three points along with it. A.C. Milan left the Mundialito de Clubes without earning a win or points despite playing hard in every match. It had already been decided that neither side would be advancing to the semi-finals, but bragging rights were available.

Goals: 1-0: Ramacciotti, min. 10 (1); 1-1: Fred, min. 4 (1); 1-2: Martin, min. 9 (2); 1-3: Nico, min. 9 (2); 2-3: Marinai, min. 3 (2); 2-4: Fabricio, min. 5 (2); 3-4: Gori, min. 4 (2); 3-5: Nico, min. 1 (2);  4-5: Gori, min. 2 (3); 4-6: Ricar, min. 0 (3).

Botafogo squeaks by Vasco to settle Group

In the all important match to determine who would top the group between Vasco da Gama and Botafogo, one only goal gave the points. Both teams had already secured their places in the semi-finals so the loss was not very devastating to Vasco.

None of the contenders were able to score early in the match, but Botafogo was mainly in control, handling the ball and shots much more than their counterparts. As the period progressed the chances increased but still no goals were scored due to spectacular saves on excellent shots and free kicks. Things began to even in regards to possession and goal chances and the posts saved many attempts from going in. The period ended goalless and just how the match started, both squads tied at 0.

The crossbars played a very important role early as the ball seemed to be attracted to them. Early on in the middle frame, neither squad had scored until the Lone Star struck a beautiful ball that found its way to the back of the net. Most of period saw Botafogo F.R. control the tempo and the ball but only the one goal had been scored. The defenses began breaking down in the second frame and both teams were knocking on the door about to score but heading into the final minute no more goals were scored. The second period ended with a result of C.R. Vasco da Gama 0-1 Botafogo F.R.

It was very evident that both teams were becoming more open and attacking the goal, especially as the final period drew on. Vasco was obviously not satisfied with a one goal deficit or loss for that matter, and Botafogo knew they should score more than one goal to secure a win. Set pieces, corners, free kicks were plentiful in the period but heading into the final minutes no other goals had been scored, besides the one in the second. The final minute had a ridiculous shot on goal that may never happen again as the ball struck the post, then the goalie and did not go in. The game ended with Botafogo up 0-1.

The 0-1 triumph for Botafogo was nerve-racking and intense throughout as it was always close. The three points and the tiebreakers left the Fogão with first place in Group A and will face second place in Group B, C.R. Flamengo. The loss, while heart-breaking still leaves the Trem Bala da Praia in second place in Group A, and they will face number one in Group B tomorrow, S.C. Corinthians.

Goals: 0-1: Sidney, min. 7 (2).



12:30 – F.C. Barcelona 1-3 Al-Ahli F.C. (Group A)
13:45 - A.C. Milan 4-6 C.A. Peñarol (Group B)
15:00 - C.R. Vasco da Gama vs. Botafogo F.R. (Group A)

Games for tomorrow:

Friday, 15th of November, 2013
10:30 - Corinthians vs. Vasco da Gama (Semi-Final)
11:45 - Botafogo vs Flamengo (Semi-Final)

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