16 Nov 2013

Corinthians and Flamengo to play in final!

The paulista side, undefeated, head to the final against 'Fla' who gained second consecutive final of the Mundialito de Clubes after edging Botafogo

Corinthians defense triumphs in win over Vasco

The first semi-final match was a delightful display of defense and timely offense as S.C. Corinthians P. defeated C.R. Vasco da Gama 2-0. The opening frame was scoreless and in the second period The Helm took a seemingly stranglehold with a 2-0 lead. The final frame was played at a frantic pace as one team wanted to solidify their lead and the other needed to desperately score goals. The lead for Corinthians was just enough to hold off Vasco.

The opening of the match made very evident that defense would be extremely important as neither side scored. The chances were limited and the goalies were not asked to do much. There were some exquisite shots but they all seemed to sail over the goal. Throughout the frame the pace was insanely fast due to a lack of penalties and a palpable desire to score from both teams. The final minute saw brilliant effort from the Vasco keeper, Cesinha, when he stopped two fantastic shots, an amazing overhead and then rebound. The scoring never came and the period finished with a score of 0-0

Straightaway there was a great strike to open the period but the Trem Bala da Colina thwarted it and the more the game carried on without a goal, the more defense was important. The refs were adding to the up-tempo speed by letting play continue instead of stopping the soccer after each apparent foul. Daniel could finally push Corinthians ahead and, when Vasco had a chance to level, Mao, stopped a very close direct kick. Later in the period, Mao made another spectacular save on a direct kick but Vasco but unable to score on their chances though. In the final minutes of the frame, Corinthians added to their lead with a great few shots that bounced off the keeper and post until it finally hit the back of the net. The frame ended 2-0, advantage for the Timão.

With a deficit of two goals, Vasco took great shots on target straightaway but could not bag the goals that they needed. The opportunities were plentiful and Vasco was getting closer and closer to score but were unable to overcome the deficit. As the period progressed, the chances became less and less for Vasco da Gama and the match ended without them scoring a goal, despite excellent efforts.

The 2-0 win for Corinthians places them in the final on Sunday which they will play on Sunday at 10:00 against Flamengo for their first Mundialito de Clubes glory. The loss is disappointing for Vasco but they will get a chance at redemption against Botafogo on Sunday at 8:00, what would allow the Vascainos to parallell the result they achieved last season.

Goals: 1-0: Daniel, min. 7 (2); 2-0: Malias, min. 3 (2);

Flamengo accomplishes second final with timely offense

The 3-2 win for the rubro-negro over the Fogão gives them a well-deserved place in the final on Sunday against S.C. Corinthians P. The match began quickly and that continued as the game went on and a huge minute to end the first period gave Flamengo two quick goals and enough scoring to hold off their opponent. Botafogo was unable to connect on a goal early and that proved to be their doom, but their tournament is not over yet, they will play for 3rd place tomorrow against C.R. Vasco da Gama.

Great attempts and just as great team defense with tackles and blocked shots were at the forefront of the opening minutes of the match. The high speed offenses were slowed down just a bit by both defenses. Going into the middle of the opening frame, there had been no goals and the game was going even more quickly so that each team could get even more chances to score their first goal. The end of the period came and both squads were left wanting for a goal until the final minute, when 'Fla' scored two quick goals on an excellent volley and a strong strike. The frame finished with the score of 2-0.

The middle period began just as exciting as the opening one and there were some immaculate individual efforts by both teams, but the offenses started to stall immediately after these spectacular opportunities presented themselves. Heading into the middle of the period, there had not been another goal scored by either side. The final minutes of the period were very hectic as the ball was flying from side to side and near goals were abundant until the final minute, when Fred, of The Lone Stars, saw and opening and made sure not to miss. The horn at the end of end of the frame signaled Botafogo 1-2 Flamengo heading into the final period.

Though Botafogo had more shots on goal and less shots wide they were still down by one goal in the third period. Though in the opening minute Botafogo found themselves down by two again when Datinha of Flamengo struck an amazing shot on a free kick from the middle of the pitch, which found the back of the net. The two goal differential would not last long as a free kick from just outside the penalty area, brought Botafogo back to within one goal. The field looked to open up with each goal scored and the opportunities were mounting for both sides. No more goals were netted and the ended with a score of Botafogo 2-3 Flamengo.

Three goals was all Flamengo needed to keep Botafogo from completing a furious comeback. The 3-2 victory for Flamengo of Brazil puts them exactly where they wanted to become the start of the tournament, the final. They will be playing Corinthians on Sunday at 10:00. The loss for Botafogo pits them against Vasco in the 3rd Place Match on Sunday at 8:00 against Vasco.

Goals: 0-1: Case, min. 1 (1); 0-2: Detinha, min. 0 (1); 1-2: Fred, min. 1 (2); 1-3: Datinha, min. 11 (3); 2-3: Vini, min. 9 (3).



10:30 – S.C. Corinthians P. 2-0 C.R. Vasco da Gama
11:45 - Botafogo F.R. 2-3 C.R. Flamengo

Games for tomorrow:

Saturday, 16th of November, 2013
08:00 - C.R Vasco da Gama vs. Botafogo F.R. (3rd Place Match)
10:00 - S.C. Corinthians P. vs C.R. Flamengo (Final)

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