Copa Pílsener Fútbol Playa 2014
14 Apr 2014

Verdeamarela reigns in San Salvador

Brazil and Switzerland earn 1st and 2nd places in the Copa Pílsener with two wins over El Salvador and England

In a match that would decide, first, second, and ultimately third place, Brazil cruised to a 6-3 win over the hosts El Salvador. The game was exciting and back and forth as both teams exchanged goals through the first two periods but the offensive attack of the Tetracampeão was too much for El Salvador to overcome.

Brazil began the match firing shots on goal but El Salvador would not be satisfied trying to hold their defense, they began taking shots on goal early and saw many great opportunities as well, though no one was able to score the first goal until three minutes into  the opening frame when Brazil notched the first goal of the game. A few minutes later Brazil added another goal to finish the period on a high note, ending 0-2.

The middle frame was exciting from the onset but neither squad was able to score until Brazil added to their lead with the second goal from Mauricinho, at the nine mark. Brazil was not satisfied with a mere three goal lead and Rodrigo scored his second goal to put the verdeamarela up 0-4. The hosts were not daunted and continued to fight and got on the board eventually, with a quick goal, and added to that to cut the lead in half, 2-4. The South Americans added a late goal to finish the period up 2-5.

A three goal lead was not too insurmountable and the Central American squad looked bent on scoring again and again until the scoreboard was level, but Brail struck first and put themselves up by four again with a nice strike from Digo Gama. The goalkeepers and defenses kept the score level as the period progressed and defense took over. El Salvador made sure that they made the Brazilians sweat but even a late goal would not deter Brazil as they won 3-6.

The 3-6 win for Brazil leaves them in first place in the tournament and with the honor of Copa Pilsener 2014 champion. Brazil did not lose a match in the entire tournament and looked dominant throughout. El Salvador played spectacularly in their matches but found themselves on the losing end against Brazil and Switzerland. The hosts finished their tournament in third place.

0-1: Mauricinho: min. 9 (1): 0-2: Rodrigo, min. 6 (1): 0-3: Mauricnho, min. 9 (2): 0-4: Rodrigo, min. 7 (2): 1-4: Frank, min. 6 (2): 2-4: Agustin, min 4 (2): 2-5: Bokinha, min. 0 (2): 2-6: Digo Gama, min. 10 (3): 3-6: Abraham, min. 4 (3).

Switzerland ends tournament in the second position
The three points earned by Switzerland was well deserved and left them in a good position following their defeat of England. Switzerland lost to Brazil in the days opening matches but was able to defeat the hosts on the second day and confirmed the second place in the Copa with a new victory over the English.

Switzerland began the first period just as they wanted, by scoring early. The Swiss scored three early goals that gave them a significant lead, but England answered with a goal late on the period to bring the Three Lions within two goals. The first leg was exciting end to end as both teams figured how to defend the other team, although Switzerland was finally able to score again. The back and forth period ended with a score of 4-1, Switzerland.

The second period began with an intense effort from the Swiss, though the English were able to score first in the period with their goalkeeper and brought the score within 4-2. England was on the attack in the opening minutes and besides the early goal, they were very much on the brink of bringing the score closer and tying it, although they were unable to  get any closer, despite many efforts. The period ended with a score of 4-2, advantage Switzerland.

The final period was very exciting as both teams were very determined to go above and beyond and score the necessary goals to stop the other side. Late in the final frame England was awarded a direct kick in a dangerous zone but were unable to capitalize and the score remained the same heading late in the period with the Swiss still up by two goals. With just over one minute remaining England scored a goal to make the game ever more intense, leaving the Bowes' side down by one goal. The score would not move any further, and the game ended with 4-3 for Switzerland.

The 4-3 win, together with El Salvador loss to Brazil gives the Swiss the second place in the tournament. England played extremely well in every match but was not able to earn any points but playing against some of the worlds’ best competition will serve them well going into the European season.

1-0: Misev: min. 10 (1):  1-0: Ott, min. 9 (1): 3-0: Ott, min. 8 (1): 3-1: Evans: min. 4 (1): 4-1: Mo, min. 0 (1): 4-2: Webb, min. 10 (2): 4-3: Evans, min. 1 (3).


Switzerland 4-3 England
El Salvador 3-6 Brazil

Final Standings
WINNER: Brazil
Runner-up: Switzerland
3rd place: El Salvador
4th place: England

Individual awards
MVP: Tín Ruiz (SLV)
Top scorers: Tín Ruiz (SLV), Ott (SUI) and Mauricinho (BRA), with 5 goals
Best Goalkeeper: Mão (BRA)

November 21, 2019 - December 01, 2019
Group Stage - Group A
Japan JPN 3 3 0 0 14 10 4 9
Swizerland SUI 3 1 1 1 18 17 1 5
Paraguay PAR 3 1 0 2 15 13 2 3
Usa USA 3 0 0 3 10 17 -7 0
Group Stage - Group B
Italy ITA 3 2 0 1 21 10 11 6
Uruguay URU 3 2 0 1 9 9 0 6
Tahiti TAH 3 2 0 1 16 17 -1 6
Mexico MEX 3 0 0 3 3 13 -10 0
Group Stage - Group C
Senegal SEN 3 2 0 1 17 11 6 6
Russia RUS 3 2 0 1 14 14 0 6
Belarus BLR 3 1 0 2 10 13 -3 3
Uae UAE 3 1 0 2 6 9 -3 3
Group Stage - Group D
Brazil BRA 3 3 0 0 29 11 18 9
Portugal POR 3 2 0 1 20 11 9 6
Oman OMA 3 1 0 2 9 16 -7 3
Nigeria NIG 3 0 0 3 8 28 -20 0
Brazil BRA 3 - 4 RUS Russia
Senegal SEN 2 - 4 POR Portugal
Italy ITA 5 - 4 SUI Swizerland
Japan JPN 3 - 2 URU Uruguay
Italy ITA 8 - 7 RUS Russia
Japan JPN 3 - 3 (1 - 2) (PSO) POR Portugal
Play-off for 3rd place
Russia RUS 5 - 4 JPN Japan
Italy ITA 4 - 6 POR Portugal
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