25 Jan 2016

Buru: “I will always be connected to beach soccer”

After calling it a day, Buru talks to beachsoccer.com and explains his feelings and the lots of things he will miss from the sport he deeply loves

275 caps, four World Cup titles, an adidas Golden Ball and an adidas Golden Scorer award, I the satisfaction of having left a great impression in everyone he has shared a match, a pitch or a conversation with. Not many players can say that…

With these honours, Venicius Ribeiro, popularly known as Buru, put his brilliant career to an end last week, after the Campeonato Sul-Americano de beach soccer held in Vitoria, Espirito Santo, his homeland. 

With him calling it a day, Beach Soccer loses an exuberant player, a true beach soccer beast that contributed widely to make people fall in love with this sports. Fans, teammates and opponents will miss him on the pitch, but he will always be there to keep helping the sport he loves the most grow, as he explains in this interview. 


How did it feel the last time you jumped on the field?

It was emotional. To know that it would be my last game after so many years of playing...Knowing that it would be the last time I put on a Brazil jersey. Knowing all this had my emotions very high, but it was more of the fact that I would be missing everything also. It was more than saying to goodbye to the game, I wanted to count every second and relish the moment...I had many happy moments on the sand, it was where my passion for the sport was formed and on that weekend I was aware of every moment and feeling from my career. 


And when the final whistle sounded, what did you feel?

I felt that the final finish had certainly come, and I felt that I dad accomplished my duty. It was a part of my history that was closing on the sand, and I felt that I did everything right, with the best intentions, with love, and dedication. To represent your country is one of the best and most important things for an athlete in their life, and my experience was no different. 


What do you think is missing from your career?

I won many important titles and I cannot complain about those successes, it was a career full of victories and I have to thank my teammates and coaches, and also to every person that was always with me and we helped me along the way. I do have to say that losing out on the title of Mundialito de Clubes Champion is something that was missing. It is a title that I wish I could have gotten. 


What has been the best moment in all these years of playing?

I think that the best times for me were between 2005 and 2011. Six years of many wins, much recognition for my work, a lot of media exposure, playing in quite possible the best leagues, individual awards, and more. Those were my best years, they were six season playing at the highest level and the triumphs followed. 


You have been one of the first players to play in foreign leagues, how important was that step?

It was one of my best moments in beach soccer. When these leagues began and there were foreign players, I was the first to go to Russia. I helped beach soccer grow there and I contributed greatly, and today Russia is a powerhouse. It was a great experience, especially for me because of the different culture, to live in the country, learn new languages, make friends, and open doors for other Brazilians ... It was an incredible experience and I advise anyone who has the opportunity to go. Of course there will be challenges but also career goals can be met and the room for growth is immense. 


Who was the toughest opponent?

There has always been a huge rivalry between Brazil and Portugal. At a certain time, it was Brazil and Spain and lately it has been Brazil and Russia. They are all great Selections, with different beach soccer schools of thought who I have faced throughout my career. France was also a great opponent.


What will be the relationship between Buru and beach soccer starting today?

I will be eternally connected and available for this modality. Whenever anyone needs me to add or share knowledge, I know I can help, not only in training athletes, searching the next great gems of the sport, but also in developing the sport as a whole. I gained all this knowledge during my career and I want to pass it on to others, especially now, here in Brazil, with this new confederation; a management team that will greatly help the sport grow.


What will you miss the most about beach soccer?

I will miss the trips, games, being with my mates, and wearing the Brazil shirt. Those are the best parts of the sport.


Do you see yourself as a coach?

I played in Russia from 2007 to 2014 and all while and in all the clubs I was coach. My contributions are well documented, and I will always be open to proposals to participate in clinics. If I receive a good offer, I will be ready, I am always ready to coach. I can work as a coach, but not just as a coach, as a supervisor or coordinator. I have much experience in the sport and it would be wonderful to continue working in the sport.






July 20, 2018 - July 22, 2018
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Poland POL 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
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