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24 Mar 2020

“I dream about representing my country in a FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup”

Mexico’s Regina Tello talks about her highs and lows in beach soccer, as well as big ambitions for the future

Influencer, beach soccer player and fan Regina Tello, was born in Mexico City on 17 July 1993.

Coming from a sporting family, the 26-year-old is a life-long football fan and was introduced to beach soccer a few years ago. Regina spoke to BSWW about her development through the beach soccer world, up to international level with her national team, Mexico.

“I started playing beach soccer at 2016, in the city where I live, Mérida, Yucatán. When the 11-aside football season stops, beach soccer tournaments are held, at that year I competed for the first time and I’ve played every year since.“

Having played football all her life, Regina was introduced to beach soccer relatively late on in her career but for her the transition from grass to sand was an impressively quick one.

“At first, I thought "it is more complicated than football on grass.” I had to learn a totally different way of playing since you cannot play like on grass, but once you learn the technique, it becomes easier with practice, you understand the way to play it and you start to love it. 

The next three years I played in an international tournament in Mexico. Then in 2018 I realised one of my dreams when I was called up to the Mexican national beach soccer team.” 

Off the pitch, Regina has an impressive CV and is lucky to be able to balance her work life and her beach soccer career effectively. 

“I have worked in many areas including hospitality, sports journalism, administrative and public relations, but I currently work in the salt exportation industry.

Working around my beach soccer, having to travel for long periods and having to leave work and school, was complicated at first. I was worried that I might lose everything by chasing a dream, but thank God I received the support my aspiration. My company know that it is something that I want so much and that I couldn’t abandon the opportunity to dream of doing what I love the most.”

Family is a key part of the Mexican’s life and support network, and she counts them amongst her biggest inspirations.

“My family have always been the ones who have motivated me and taught me to always follow our dreams, to do what makes us happy and never give up. My grandpa is another inspiration as he was a professional soccer player.”

And in terms of inspirations on the sand..?

Ramiro Amarelle from Spain. He is one of the best of all time. He was a great player on the pitch, but also someone who instils values, education, humanism, sacrifice, commitment and motivating in new generations.

In a relatively short beach soccer career, Regina has achieved a lot on the sand.

My proudest achievements in beach soccer, are becoming champion in the national league and international tournaments in my country. And simply having the opportunity to be a part of the Mexican national team. This is an honour.

Unfortunately, she was forced out of her country’s World Beach Games adventure with a serious injury, and missed out on both the qualifiers and the main event in 2019. But that doesn’t stop her being delighted by her team’s success.

“I am so proud of our team for winning the CONCACAF El Salvador Qualifier 2019 and playing at the ANOC World Beach Games Qatar 2019. Even though I couldn´t travel and take part because of my foot injury, I know all the hard work behind the growth of the women´s team, and how hard we´ve worked for a year to achieve what we did.”

Looking to the future, she has big visions for beach soccer in Mexico and around the world, as well as one personal goal that stands above them all… 

“I dream about experiencing the excitement and honour of representing my country in a FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. 

The men´s beach soccer in Mexico is already advanced, they play in World Cups and compete among the best but for women we are just getting started. But it’s been a great start, thanks to the effort, sacrifice and dedication of each one of the women it has noticed the growth and the desire to achieve great things for our country.

Beach soccer has grown a lot, which gives me great pleasure because it is a very beautiful and entertaining sport. In the past it wasn’t as popular but now it is spoken about and transmitted to wider audiences and over time it will grow even more.

I trust that over the time, with the hard work and the corresponding support, it will grow more and more, both in Mexico and across the world.”

And the best thing about being a beach soccer player?

“The best thing for me is enjoying doing what I love so much, and sharing it with other people with the same passion, people who become more than your teammates and become family. I feel fortunate to be a person who can enjoy and develop my passion with the support and motivation of the people I love most.”

February 12, 2020 - February 16, 2020
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Levante1 LUD 3 1 0 2 19 16 3 3
2019 alanya belediyespor ABS 3 1 0 2 15 30 -15 3
Group Stage - Group B
Spartak logo copia web SPK 3 2 1 0 17 7 10 8
Braga SCB 3 2 0 1 18 13 5 6
Flamengo FLA 3 1 0 2 11 13 -2 3
Grasshopper club zurich GCZ 3 0 0 3 8 21 -13 0
Play-off for 7th Place
Grasshopper club zurich GCZ 4 - 8 ABS 2019 alanya belediyespor
Play-off for 5th Place
Levante1 LUD 7 - 2 GCZ Grasshopper club zurich
Flamengo FLA 6 - 5 ABS 2019 alanya belediyespor
Levante1 LUD 5 - 4 FLA Flamengo
Tokyo verdy emblem 2020 TKV 2 - 7 SCB Braga
Spartak logo copia web SPK 3 - 1 LOK Lokomotiv
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