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CAF Beach Soccer Championships Seychelles 2015
19 Apr 2015

Madagascar is now African Champion

Penalties were needed on a second straight day for Madagascar to finish a dramatic and excting week in Seychelles

Nigeria rampages to 3rd Place


The 9-1 win for Nigeria over the Ivory Coast was fast and exciting, more so for the Nigerians, as they raced out to the lead and did not let up. Nigeria looked like the African champions that they have been in the past, while Cote d’Ivoire was emotionally drained from their heartbreaking penalties loss on Saturday. The Elephants never threw in the towel and tried to mount a comeback and play tough throughout, but Nigeria had too many offensive weapons and their defense was stellar. The win gives Nigeria a boost in their Overall Beach Soccer World Rankings and they finish this qualifier in 3rd place. The Nigerians had only one loss all week, though it was in their semi-final match. Cote d’Ivoire had every chance to make the final but after the loss today and Saturday, they leave Seychelles in 4th place. 


Both sides felt hard done by their semi-final losses but the opening minutes of the 3rd place and penultimate match of the CAF African Beach Soccer Championship, did not reflect any letdown. The Sand Eagles were the aggressor and opened up the scoring midway through the frame on a great effort from Abu, putting them up 1-0. Emeka doubled the advantage on a spectacular shot from distance that was always rising, then Nigeria added another goal from Abu to take the 3-0 lead into the first break. Not long into the second period did the Super Eagles push their lead to 4 goals, while still pitching the shutout. The Elephants did get off the board and in no uncertain terms, when their keeper, Enam, scored from long range and the wonderful shot left the score at 5-1 for the Nigerians. The Ivory Coast could not get past the sweltering defense of Nigeria and the score at the end of the period was 6-1 for Nigeria.


Nigeria wanted to score as many goals as possible and make sure they left Seychelles with no doubt as to who was in 3rd place and could have very well been in Portugal. The goals did not stop as they scored three early goals in the final 12 minutes, to create an eight goal cushion, putting the score at 9-1 for the good. The Ivory Coast showed some moments of tough play and flashes of their high school, but the score did not reflect that or change the overall outcome as when the final whistle sounded, the score was 9-1 for Nigeria. 


Goals: 1-0: Abu, min. 6 (1); 2-0: Emeka, min. 5 (1); 3-0: Abu, min. 1 (1); 4-0: Olawale, min. 10 (2); 5-0: Ibenegbu, min. 8 (2); 5-1: Enam, min. 7 (2); 6-1: Ibenegbu, min. 6 (2); 7-1: Lokosa, min. 10 (3); 8-1: Emeka, min. 9 (3); 9-1: Abu, min. 8 (3).


Madagascar needs penalties to earn crown


The 1(2)-1(1) penalties win for Madagascar over reigning African champions Senegal was exciting as they come, with Madagascar taking the first lead, but the Senegalese stormed back, then an cautious period led to an electric overtime, but that gave way to a penalty shootout. Even in the shootout there were saves, clutch goals, and misses. The win gives Madagascar their first every CAF African Beach Soccer Championship crow and their semi-final victory on Saturday already secured their spot in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Portugal 2015. Senegal came on strong in the event and wanted nothing but a victory, however they will still be heading to Portugal as well as their semi-final victory over Nigeria on Saturday confirmed that. 


The two sides already knew they had clinched their spots in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Portugal 2015 and they made sure to put on a last show for the crowd in the last match of the tournament. The Madagascans were the first to strike, delighting the fans on a strike from Flavien, and the top-notch play was electric and more than evident, though no more goals were scored in the frame. The Barea held off the Lions of Terana and held the 1-0 lead going into the second period. The opening minute of the middle frame began just how the Senegalese wanted and needed, with a quick goal on a delightful strike for distance, to put the score at 1-1. Going into the last minutes of the frame, the score remained the same and the same, neither side separating themselves and both wanting their name on the trophy. The second break arrived with the score 1-0. 


The free-flowing goals did not come early in the match or in the final frame, but it was not from lack of skill or effort, both were present, though so were intelligent players playing smart defense. The early minutes of the frame did not have a team take control of the momentum as there were not many open chances but the shots that did come were in thanks to brilliant individual skill, though all shots went wanting. As the period progressed, Madagascar was asking more questions more questions and looked destined to score the next goal, which was looking like the decider. The quick and happy feet from both teams were trying to force another goal and up the action, but the goals did not come and the match went into overtime tied at 1. The extra frame went scoreless like the third period, and the game needed penalties to decide the winner and loser. Even the penalty kicks were back-and-forth, with Madagascar saving two shots and coming out on top 1(2)-1(1).


Goals: 0-1: Flavien, min. 7 (1); 1-1: Sylla, min. 11 (2).

Penalties: Fall, goal; Toky, goal; Thioune, saved; Tianasoa, miss; Kamara, save; Flavien, goal.




 Results Today:

Sunday 19.04.15

15:00 – Ghana 12-1 Seychelles (7th Place Match)

16:15 – Egypt 1-2 Morocco (5th Place Match)

17:30 – Nigeria 9-1 Cote d’Ivoire (3rd Place Match)

18:45 – Senegal 1(1)-1(2) (pen) Madagascar (Final)


Final Results:

WINNER: Madagascar

Runner-up: Senegal

3rd Place: Nigeria

4th Place: Cote d’Ivoire


Individual Award Winners:

Best Goalkeeper: Jhorialy (Madagascar)

Top Scorer: Adjei (Ghana)

MVP:  Toky (Madagascar)



All Match Results:

Sunday 19.04.15

15:00 – Ghana 12-1 Seychelles (7th Place Match)

16:15 – Egypt 1-3 Morocco (5th Place Match)

17:30 – Nigeria 9-1 Cote d’Ivoire (3rd Place Match)

18:45 – Senegal 1(1)-1(2) (pen) Madagascar (Final)


Saturday 18.04.15

15:00 – Egypt 6-5 Ghana (Play-off for 5th Place)

16:15 – Morocco 5-1 Seychelles (Play-off for 5th Place)

17:30 – Nigeria 3-4 (aet) Senegal (Semi-final)

18:45 – Madagascar 4(3)-4(2) (pen) Cote d’Ivoire (Semi-final)


Friday 17.04.15

Rest Day


Thursday 16.04.15

15:00 – Seychelles 2-5 Egypt (Group A)

16:15 – Nigeria 7-6 (aet) Cote d’Ivoire (Group A)

17:30 – Senegal 3-5 Ghana (Group B)

18:45 – Morocco 5-8 Madagascar (Group B)


Wednesday 15.04.15

15:00 – Nigeria 4-1 Egypt (Group A)

16:15 – Cote d’Ivoire 2-1 Seychelles (Group A)

17:30 – Morocco 5-3 Ghana (Group B)

18:45 – Madagascar 3-2 (aet) Senegal (Group B)


Tuesday 14.04.15

15:00 – Senegal 7-3 Morocco (Group B)

16:15 – Ghana 4-9 Madagascar (Group B)

17:30 – Seychelles 1-10 Nigeria (Group A)

18:45 – Egypt 3(1)-3 (3) (pen) Cote d’Ivoire (Group A)

August 16, 2019 - August 18, 2019
Division A
Italy ITA 3 2 1 0 13 9 4 7
Belarus BLR 3 2 0 1 9 5 4 6
Germany GER 3 0 1 2 13 15 -2 1
France FRA 3 0 0 3 11 17 -6 0
Division B
Hungary HUN 3 2 1 0 14 8 6 8
Estonia EST 3 2 0 1 17 14 3 6
Lithuania LTU 3 1 0 2 13 12 1 3
Moldova MOL 3 0 0 3 6 16 -10 0
Division B - Group 1
Greece GRE 3 3 0 0 11 5 6 9
Romania ROM 3 2 0 1 12 7 5 6
Finland FIN 3 1 0 2 10 12 -2 3
Serbia SRB 3 0 0 3 0 9 -9 0
Division B - Group 2
Czechrep CZE 3 2 1 0 11 8 3 7
Kazakhstan KAZ 3 2 0 1 14 10 4 6
England ENG 3 1 0 2 8 12 -4 3
Netherlands NED 3 0 0 3 13 16 -3 0
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