Power Horse Euro Beach Soccer League - Berlin 2012
03 Aug 2012

Smiles and fears by the O2 World?

Russia secures Superfinal; Germany and Greece prevail in Div. B and France and Italy enter danger zone after Berlin's opening

Penalty kick shootout gets Superfinal further for Italy

With only three points collected in the first stage of the Euro Beach Soccer League 2012, held in Terracina last month, neither Italy nor Romania had too much time to lose in their last chance to access the EBSL Superfinal. This first match in the Power Horse Euro Beach Soccer League Berlin 2012 was to quickly determine the possibilities of the two teams to access the season decider in The Hague, and that was absolutely clear in their minds. The Romanian target man, Maci, wanted his team to be leading the way as soon as possible, and his 1-0 at the beginning of the match stayed for most of the first period of the game. Only Leghissa’s free kick with one minute to the break neutralized this first advantage.

Despite the Carpathian side got ahead again,  the second period meant a seemingly game’s turnover, with a 0-3 run by the Azzurri to have things 2-4. Italy is one of the most efficient teams in the world playing with the score on their favour, but Romania’s spirit was tough enough to counteract that in the third time, with two goals by the Poste twins that sent the game into extra time.

In the additional three minutes, Romania proved much more dangerous, even hitting Spada’s posts twice, but the score remained untouched, and only the penalty kick shootout could dedice who grasped the two points at stake. And that ended being the Romanians, after Verbi’s brilliant save on Feudi’s attempt and Maci’s decider hitting the back of the Transalpine nets. With six points left to play for Esposito’s side, the door to the EBSL Superfinal turns narrower for them, whereas Romania will only need another win to secure their berth.

Goals: 1-0: Maci, min. 10 (1); 1-1: Leghissa, min. 1 (1); 2-1: Corosiniti (og), min. 9 (2); 2-2: Gori, min. 9 (2); 2-3: Corosiniti, min, 5 (2); 2-4: Marrucci, min. 1 (2); 3-4: M. Poste, min. 4 (3); I. Poste, min. 2 (3)

Penalty kick shootout: Feudi, Verbi saves; Maci, in;

Reborn Greece keeps growing

Greece offered new clear signs of their improvement compared to last season. The movements made by the Greek Football Association, with the teams almpst complete renewal and professionalization, have been giving first fruits and will have the team absolutely fighting for higher goals. After their notable performance in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Qualifier held in Moscow weeks ago, Soilemes’ side hit the Berliner sand with a new amusing display, giving such a competitive team as Turkey no chance to the points.

Despite the Ottoman opened the score, thanks to a back-to-the-sand Adil, Greece immediately got hold of the game reins, with Nikolaos Bertsias, Kouvaras and Bousmpouras turning things around and having them 1-3. The Hellenic solidness did never let the Turkish recover from that, and Nikolaos and Nektarios Bertsias rounded the score with the 1-5 that definitely finished the game. Bariç’s last hit for Turkey was not enough to contest Greece’s dominion, and these first two points in the Division B pool stayed under Greek power.   

Goals: 1-0: Adil, min. 11(1); 1-1: Bertsias, min. 8 (1); 1-2: Kouvaras, min. 5 (1) ; 1-3 : Bousmpouras, min. 4 (1) ; 1-4 : Nikolaos Bertsias, min. 7 (2)1-5 : Nektarios Bertsias, min. 10 (2) ; 2-5 : Bariç, min. 2 (3) ;

Shishin destroys French resistance

With three goals, Dimitri Shishin got Russia ahead in the table in this Power Horse Euro Beach Soccer League Berlin 2012 – Division A, and brushed away any remote options of the World Champions not qualifying for the EBSL Superfinal. With twelve points so far, no one can deny their place in The Hague, and they will undoubtedly keep on and on with the objective of seizing the cup here by the O2 World. The panorama is way different for France, who will only have one opportunity to skip their third consecutive EBSL Promotion Final.

Les Bleus, indeed, offered the current champions a fierce resistance, even getting ahead in the score and having Likhachev’s cornered for most of the first time. But with one minute to go for the break, Shishin hit for the first time to balance things back. The match stayed really leveled, though, and  the Russians found it hard to find the French end. Again, Shishin had to come to the rescue, exactly at the same moment than his previous hit, to sweep his team in front. It was to be for good, this time, as Russia would never let the French stand again.

Makarov widened the distance at the beginning of the third time, and despite Basquaise’s reply, Shishin again and Eremeev would have the curtain dropped in the game, securing the points fell on their count.

Goals : 1-0 : Samoun, min. 6 (1) ; 1-1: Shishin, min. 1 (1); 1-2 : Shishin, min. 1 (2); 1-3: Makarov, min. 10 (3); 2-3: Basquaise, min. 9 (3); 2-4: Shishin, min. 9 (3); 2-5: Eremeev, min. 3 (3)

Germany beats Azerbaijan in opening day

Germany found the debut they desired in the opening day of the Power Horse Euro Beach Soccer League stage they are hosting in Berlin. The Mannschaft prevailed over Azerbaijan, in a match that had them suffering during the last minutes of the game despite having achieved a seemingly comfortable advantage during the first two stages, and get on the track to the Promotion Final.

The Azeri were not an easy opponent in this first act of the competition. Everyone knows them for being capable of upsetting anyone in the Beach Soccer stage, and Hatamov’s side played their role once again. But the strong commitment and expectations by the hosts got them in control of the game right from the beginning, and after Rigo swept them ahead in the fifth minute of the game, Böringschulte’s side will never lose their dominant position. Two minutes afterwards, Ulle hit again for the 0-2, and Thürk’s 0-3 could even make one think that the job was already done for Germany.

But you can never understand Azerbaijan is giving up, as fighting and fighting is the only they think about. Despite having things really difficult,  they struggled for the last twelve minutes to make the German side fear for the victory. In just three minutes, Elvin and Jomrad cut the distance with the 2-3, bringing an intense and thrilling last stage of the game. Germany, though, stood still and closed all ways to their net, thus clinching three valuable points which can have a great importance in their way to the EBSL Promotion Final.  

Goals: 0-1: Rigo, min. 7 (1); 0-2: Ulle, min. 5 (1); 0-3: Thürk, min. 6 (2); 1-3: Elvin, min. 7 (2); 2-3: Jomrad, min. 4 (3)


Results today :

Fri 03.08.12   
12:30 – Romania  4(1)-4(0) Italy
13:45 – Turkey 2-5 Greece
15:00 – France 2-5 Russia
16:15 – Azerbaijan 2-3 Germany

Matches for tomorrow:

Sat 04.08.12
12:30 – Romania vs. France
13:45 – Turkey vs. Azerbaijan
15:00 – Russia vs. Italy
16:15 – Germany vs. Greece

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