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18 Nov 2010

El Salvador beats Guatemala in friendly game aiming at CONCACAF Qualifier


With just 13 days to go for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2011 – CONCACAF Qualifier taking place in the Mexican resort of Puerto Vallarta, the National Teams involved are doing their best to get to the appointment in their best shape. Within the framework of this intense work, two of the competing sides, neighbours Guatemala and Salvador faced each other in a friendly game yesterday, with the latter getting the victory 2-6.

“Tintín” Ruiz became the key player for the blue outfit, thanks to the hat-trick he completed with an assist. Torres, Zavala and Robles, who made his debut, completed the bill, making the attempts by Sáenz and García harmless.

Although the uncontestable win, the Salvadorian coach, Rudis Mauricio González Gallo, declared to be unsatisfied with his player’s performance. Main Gallo’s concern is the team’s physical coindition after eight training weeks, and pointed out that this is something they need to improve before the Mexican appointment.  

Next Tuesday, November 23rd, Guatemala is going to pay the visit back to El Salvador, with a new friendly to be held in La Herradura (La Paz), right one day before the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2011 CONCACAF Qualifier official draw.

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