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FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Qualifier CONCACAF Puerto Vallarta
05 Dec 2010

Mexico and El Salvador get into FIFA World Cup 2011!

Mexico and El Salvador won the big pot today, and after their victories in the CONCACAF Qualifiers semifinals, they have secured their place in the upcoming FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. The Beach Stadium in Puerto Vallarta has experienced today an unbelievable afternoon to see the Azteca back in the World’s biggest Beach Soccer event, together with El Salvador. Congratulations to them both!


Fiesta in México!

The Unidad Deportiva Agustín Flores Contreras exploded into a great party after México secured their place in next summer’s FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2011, something they managed after a penalty shootout victory in today’s CONCACAF Qualifier semifinals against the USA.

The task to be undertaken by Ramon Raya’s lads was nothing easy, since they had to face the USA, undoubtedly one of the most powerful squads in the whole continent. Soto’s team had recently proven their strength in such a tough competition such as Portugal’s Mundialito, and reached this CONCACAF Qualifier earmarked as one of the big favourites. But the Mexican counted on big weapons too, since the combination of a skillful squad, strong commitment and a devoted and passionate crow, made them extremely strong.

The beginning of the match could not be sweeter for the Aztecan. Some seconds after kick off, Plata took advantage of his privileged position after a ball rebound and tapped the opener in. That was the dreamt scenario for Mexico, who were then forced to stomach the USA attacks, something they were successful at until mid second period. At that point, Gil sent a free kick in and made it 1-1, a scoreboard that remained until the end of the game as the fair reflection of the balanced forces on the sand.

During the three extra minutes, the score registered no changes either, and there was no other way to decide the second finalist than the penalty shootout. And that team was to be Mexico, since after Torres sent his attempt in, the wood repelled Morale’s shot, sent the ball wide, and gave the hosts the valued prize: the ticket to the upcoming FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup. Before that, though, the Azteca will also have the chance to get their continental throne back, precisely against current holders El Salvador.


Goals: 0-1: Plata, min. 0 (1); 1-1: Gil, min. 5 (2)

Penalty shootout: Torres, in; Morales, out.



El Salvador gain firsts tickets to World Cup in the CONCACAF zone!

Current CONCACAF Qualifier title holders El Salvador will take part again in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, after they knocked Costa Rica down after a breath taking match only unleveled after the penalty shootout. The Salvadorian, moreover, proved their strong personality with this victory, since the match had turned really difficult for them after a powerful beginning by the Tico squad.

Ovare’s lads knew how to bring the optimum pace and intensity to the first minutes of this semifinal, and two goals by Sánchez and Chavarría rewarded their good performance. But the spirit from El Salvador appeared and Frank and Agustín leveled the score little afterwards, making it 2-2 right before the first break.

After the intermission, the Costa Rican side stepped ahead again, thanks to a long range shot by goalkeeper Adanis. That hit seemed a too hot load for El Salvador, who seemed unable to equalize the score back. But, almost in the last minute of this second period, one of Rudis’s key players, Hernández, found the way to the net again. The tie remained then unbroken until the end of the game and, despite a post for each side, until the end of the extra time, too. That pushed both squads to the penalty roulette to decide who the ones flying to Italy 2011 were to be.

Fate was cruel again with Tico’s number 3, Chavarría, who could not equalize Agustíns’ hit, after the accurate attempts by Sánchez and Walter. So, El Salvador becomes for the second year a FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup team, and his place in Italy is already secured. Before that, though, they will also have the chance to fight for the CONCACAF Qualifier Champion Cup tomorrow.


Goals: 1-0: Sánchez, min. 4 (1); 2-0: Chavarría, min. 5 (1); 2-1: Frank, min. 10 (1) ; 2-2 : Agustín, min. 11 (11) ; 2-3 : Adanis, min. 1 (2) ; 3-3 : Hernández, min. 10 (2)

Penalty shootout: Walter, in;
Sánchez, in ; Agustín, in; Chavarría, out






Costa Rica  5-2  Bahamas

El Salvador  6-3  Canada 

Guatemala 2-6  USA

Jamaica  2-3  Mexico






Costa Rica  5-2  Guatemala                                                       

El Salvador 10-8  Jamaica     

USA  6-3  Bahamas

Mexico  3-1  Canada 





Bahamas  5-7 Guatemala

Canada  4-3 Jamaica

USA  3-3 (1-0) Costa Rica

Mexico 3-3 (0-1) El Salvador








El Salvador 3-3 (2-1) Costa Rica

USA 1-1 (0-1) Mexico



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14:45 USA vs. COSTA RICA


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