19 Jul 2011

Lokomotiv become Russian Champions

Muscovite bend city rivals Strogino in goal-packed final (11-8) of the National Championship, held in Saint Petersburg

Lokomotiv Moscow claimed the Cup in the Russian National Beach Soccer Championship after edging Strogino in the Competition Superfinal, held this last weekend in Saint Petersburg. The match facing these two Muscovite sides was packed with goals and ended in a spectacular 11-8 for Lokomotiv, shaped by the core of the Russian National Team together with Portuguese starmen Madjer and Alan and current World Cup Golden Ball Dejan Stankovic. In short: a Dream Team. With this victory, ‘Loko’ retains the cup they lifted last season, when winning the National Championship in October. Buru’s and Bruno Xavier’s Strogino got to the final again, only to find their opponents clinch the cup for the second time.

Yet in the very first minutes, the crowd knew that they were not to get bored. Buru swept Strogino ahead, and although Madjer equalized, Eremeev made it 1-3. Makarov shortened the distance, but Bruno Xavier kept the distance saved. It seemed it was Strogino’s moment to head for the cup, but, in just five minutes, Lokomotiv turned the score around, thanks to Shishin and two new hits by Madjer. Although the goal frenzy took a little rest in the second period, with only Krasheninnikov reaching the net for the 6-4, the third leg would bring up to nine goals to complete an amusing Beach Soccer party.

Stankovic and Shkarin (awarded tournament’s MVP) opened their sheets in that last period, keeping Lokomotiv’s rent safe until the end of the game. Makarov’s contribution, together with the saves of Best-goalkeeper Alexander Filimonov, materialized into the final victory for Loko. Strogino will have to wait for a new opportunity to challenge the red hegemony.

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