FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2011 - CONMEBOL Qualifier Rio de Janeiro
05 Aug 2011

Brazil confirms first place

World Cup champions will face Colombia in semifinals, whereas Argentina wil battle Venezuela for the ticket to Ravenna

No chance whatsoever for Venezuela in the last fixture in Group A in the CONMEBOL Qualifier for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2011. On the sand of the Arena Copacabana, Brazil played their role as red-hot favourites to knock the ‘Vinotinto’ down with an uncontestable 7-0, after goals by Sidney (2), Bruno Malias, Benjamin, Fred, Anderson and Miguel (own goal). Although being a seemingly unbalanced fight, both teams, with the door to semifinals already secured, were fighting for the first place in group A, thus avoiding Argentina in this decisive stage giving not only the chance to play the final, but confirming berth in the World Cup.

So, the biggest historical South American clash will not happen, at least in the semifinal stage, as Colombia will be the last step for the hosts to reach the final, and seize the chance to defend their global crown by the Adriatic Rivera in September. In turn, Argentina will face the Venezuelan side to get to the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup for the sixth time, that is, to secure a place in a festival they have never missed. Even though everyone would rather go for this first chance, a second and last one may come overnight, as the losers in the semifinal stage will also be granted the chance to look for their ticket in the 3rd/4th place final, whose winner also becomes a World Cup team, precisely like Argentina did last year, in a dramatic extra time victory against Ecuador.

What is at this pint yet confirmed is that, whoever may prevail in the semifinals stage, we will have a new team in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, as, at least, or Venezuela or Colombia will feature their first participation in the biggest showpiece in the sport.

After a rest day this Friday, semifinals will come on Saturday to bring again the thrilling fixtures which will pass sentence in Copacabana.

Chile 4(0) vs. 4(1) Peru

In the other game of the day, Chile and Peru fought for the last points for them, although having no chance to go ahead in the Qualifier. The Chileans farewelled this Qualifier with a bitter taste in their mouths, as they could not be up to the expectations they had aroused in the lasts months, especially after bending Brazil in 2010 Copa Latina. Peru took these final from the penalty kick spot, after the extra time ended with a 5-5 draw.


14:30 – Chile 05(00) vs. 05(01) Perú
15:45 - Brasil 07 vs. 00 Venezuela

Matches for tomorrow

11:15 Argentina vs. Venezuela (Semi-final 1)
12:30 Brasil vs. Colombia (Semi-final

April 19, 2015 - April 26, 2015
Group Stage - Group A
Paraguay PAR 4 4 0 0 29 14 15 12
Ecuador ECU 4 3 0 1 16 18 -2 9
Chile CHI 4 2 0 2 17 17 0 6
Colombia COL 4 0 1 3 10 16 -6 2
Bolivia BOL 4 0 0 4 10 17 -7 0
Group Stage - Group B
Brazil BRA 4 3 0 1 26 14 12 9
Argentina ARG 4 2 1 1 23 22 1 7
Peru PER 4 2 0 2 24 21 3 6
Uruguay URU 4 2 0 2 17 21 -4 6
Venezuela VEN 4 0 0 4 15 27 -12 0
Play-off for 9th Place
Bolivia BOL 5 - 4 VEN Venezuela
Play-off for 7th Place
Colombia COL 3 - 9 CHI Chile
Play-off for 5th Place
Colombia COL 4 - 5 (AET) PER Peru
Chile CHI 2 - 5 URU Uruguay
Peru PER 2 - 3 URU Uruguay
Brazil BRA 14 - 1 ECU Ecuador
Paraguay PAR 4 - 1 ARG Argentina
Play-off for 3rd place
Ecuador ECU 4 - 4 (0 - 1) (PSO) ARG Argentina
Brazil BRA 8 - 3 PAR Paraguay
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