12 Jul 2012

Mallorca?s hard training on the beach

Caparros? side have been working out on the sand during the week, aiming at increasing the physical strength in this preseason

RCD Mallorca, one of the regular sides in the Spanish Liga BBVA has been this week undergoing some training sessions in the beach near their training facilities. The team’s coach, and his staff have planned a series of physical work-outs on the sand and the water, acknowledging all the benefits these surface can produce on the footballers: better stability, muscular strengthening, and of course the intrinsic good of working in direct contact with such a privileged natural environment. Together with that, it is also a change in the routine, something the athletes appreciate, as their faces leave no doubt of.

On the coach’s words: “The beach and the sand own a bunch of unique assets which help boosting the players physical preparation. Close to the stadium we have this wonderful beach, and it is of course something we would take advantage of. Coming down here is something we will always keep doing, as it is not only good to strengthen the muscles but it is also mentally fantastic.”

This is not a strange thing to see in top-flight football teams. All those who have the opportunity to train in the beach do not miss it, as the special conditions of the sand and the water is something physical trainers highly regard, as we have been seeing lately. And not only football, as we have been witnessing basketball teams, MotoGP riders or even NFL stars boosting their training schedules on the beach for further reach in their shape.

(Pictures courtesy of RCD Mallorca)

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