FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2011 - Qualifier Bibione
11 Jul 2010

Greek rocket hits first in the opening

The opening match of this FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Qualifier in Bibione showed in all dimensions all this sport can offer: goals, dynamic playing, brilliant moves, strength, and spectacle.  A load of spectacle. The Greek National team got the victory in a hard-fought showdown, thanks to a last-minute powerful shot by Paris, which decided a match in which both sides managed to erase their opponents advantage almost every time. But not the last one.

First half set clear that none of the contenders had the slightest will to speculate. Up to five goals in this first twelve minutes were the best proof. The first ones to caress opponent’s net were the Greek, but it was not later than a few minutes that the Dutch got the equalizer. They even got ahead in the score through a striker move by Van Geldermalsen. That seemed Holland’s best minutes, but the blue side found the way to Ran’s goal to raise the2-2 on.

That was the way the match seemed to be structured: One step forth by one side, neutralization of this advantage by the other shortly afterwards. And this is how the game came to its final period, in which a spectacular bicycle kick by Greece’s captain Kavalaris hit the post. But even in these details was the match equaled, since the Orange tested the Greek wood just second afterwards.

The Hellenic national team seemed to get a definitive advantage when hitting twice for the 5-3, but Kokmeijer’s lads shortened this distance with yet 3 minutes to go, thanks a good move by Ax. And, just as the match evolution made expectable, there came a new equalizer in the last minute. Even though, when this opening match seemed to be heading for extra time, a left-footed rocket by Paris gave it final blue colour.

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