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FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2011 - Qualifier Bibione
11 Jul 2010

Favourites play their role... Russia makes it even clearer

If someone wants to know what do we mean when we talk about the “spectacle” of beach soccer, he or she is to find the answer in matches like the one Hungary and Ukrain have played this morning, with a superb last-time win for the Magyar. Great goals, great saves... great beach soccer. Besides this fantastic showdown, the flashing moments have gone on in the following four games in this FIFA World Cup Qualifier appointment in Bibione. England and Austria, through tight victories, France, more comfortably, and Russia, with a terrific hail of goals, have acted  as everyone expected them to.


Hungary wins the battle of spectacle and saves

Hungary and Ukraine have offered a highlight-per-minute match, with special prominence for both goalkeepers, Laszlo Szucs for the Hungarian side, and Vitali Sydorenko for the Ukrainian one. Both of them had made spectators jump from their seats with unbelievable saves. Their teammates, though, have not been alien to that amazing beachsoccering, and have completed an unforgettable showdown with the points flying to Budapest.

Although the yellow ones achieved a comfortable distance of two goals amid the second period, thanks to the hits by Borsuk, Zborovsky, Nazarenko and Yevdokymov, but four goals on the last 12 minutes turned the score to the Hungarian side, with Weisz, Badalik and Fekete joining forces to turn the 2-4 into the final 7-6 amid an spectacular atmosphere.

The thing is that, although the match ended with 13 goals, both goalkeepers performed at an excellent level, offering the crowd spectacular flights and unbelievable hands to prevent the goal in as much as they could.


Austria begins Qualifier with a victory over Norway

Austria has become new leader of group G after his victory over Norway, and, although Moldavia achieve the points from the penalty spot in their game, the Austrian see themselves at the top of the table thanks to the goal difference.

Yet in the beginning of the second period, Stieglitz’s lads were two goals up in the score. Although Tom shortened the distance for the Nordic side with two minutes to go for the mid period, Peterstrofer made it the same again with the Austrian third goal.

Norway could only try to approach their opponents by means of an incredible own goal by Cetinyürek, who passed the ball to his goalie kicking the ball with his heel, only to see the ball incomprehensibly  kissing his own net. Despite this big present, the Norwegian players could go no further, and the victory stayed at the Austrian side.


No Russian mercy on Slovakia

Powerful side Russian showed his best efficacy looks in his consistent victory over Slovakia, in the most comfortable win of the whole morning. This loud victory obviously places the Soviets in top of the table in group C, despite top opponents Romania achieved also a convincing victory over Andorra (8-2). Again, the goal average makes it way.

The Russian roller began their work in the first period, to continue its overwhelming dominance all through the game, with goals arriving continuously. By the end of the game, result was 10-0. Even though, Slovakia wanted at least to show their courage to sting Russia at least once, with Allakaj being the one to thank for it.

Three Russian players, with this stunning victory, join also the race for the Qualifier Top Scorer recognition: Makarov, who achieved a goal poker, and Krasheninnikov and Shishin, one hat-trick each.


France fulfil expectable win

France has not found their best playing yet. But they have beat Kazakhstan (1-5) in their debut game in this FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Qualifier of Bibieone. Although not fully greased, French power has been too much for Doskeyev’s side. Nevertheless, the Kazakh team raised the surprise in the first period, achieving the opening goal of the match.

That seemed to awaken Cantona’s boys, who did not allow the first period end being down on the score. They quickly did homework, to put a comfortable an expectable 1-3 on the wall. Two goals by Pagis and another one by Sciortino did the job.

The last two stages of the match gave way to France to extend this victory, as well as giving the chance for Pagis of joining the tournament top scorers thanks to his third goal, the one precisely close French’s win.


O’Rourke makes it for England

England have found it difficult to get the three points in their debut fixture of this FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Qualifier that is being played in Bibione, Italy. Only Jamie’s O’Rourke could find the way to Estonian net, in a match in which both sides seemed too cautious.

A couple of goals could have come at the first period, when both teams sent different balls to the post. Even though, after these intense moments, both teams seemed to step a little bit backwards, willing to prevent their keeper see the ball cross their line.

The shyness of both contenders stayed almost all match long, and it was not until the beginning of the third period that the ‘pross’ achieved the winner.

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