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FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2011 - Qualifier Bibione
12 Jul 2010

Things get clearer in group C and everything still possible in G

Russian and Romania have secured the first tickets to the next round of this FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Qualifier, again through convincing victories against Andorra and Slovakia, respectively, who find themselves in a really difficult position.

On the other hand, group G remains still open, only with Moldova gets closer to the ticket for the last-16 round, thanks to 5 points they have achieved after their victory over Norway, but could even be eliminated if they lost their match against Austria and the Polish beat Norway in tomorrow’s fixtures . On the other match of the group, real Poland seemed to appear at some moments, and their victory over Austria gets them back in the race.


Romania get among the last 16 (5-3)


Romania kept on their race towards one of the two privileged positions in group C, getting rid this time of Slovakia to get a new three points that grant them the ticket for next round. No surprises arose in the game between Russia and Andorra, and Romania is to face the Russian for the head of the group tomorrow, in an exciting game that is to take place at 10:15 am.

Things turned really difficult for Slovakia after the powerful beginning of Romania, that scored three goals before the first horn. Two of them got the signature of Maci, who later on was to knock on the Top Scorer’s Cup door to introduce himself with two more goals. The third one was by Romania’s 10, Marian Poste.  

Even though, Slovaks were not to give up that early, and tried to shorten the three-step distance in the scoreboard. Grof, twice tied so, but there was Maci again, to crush their illusion.  Final hit by Dobron only gave the match a little uncertainty, but failed at putting fear among the Russian hearts.


Moldova leave Norway almost out (1-3)


Norway have seen themselves virtually out of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Qualifier after the defeat they have suffered against Moldova. The Slavs, on the other side of it, have almost secured their ticket to the second round, thanks a solid game they ended with an amazing goal from far distance.

No changes on their scoreboard were seen until the second period. It was in the 5th minute of the mid stage that Muntean unlocked the Norwegian safe. But it was just so for some seconds, since the Nordic did not allow any other ball in until the third period, with Negara achieving the second for his Nation.

Seeing that close-to-the-goal attacking football was fruitless, Pernai sent a long-range missile that ended up hitting the net next to Kalle Rosland’s goalmouth. With the match already finished, Lande managed to score the Nordic goal. But it was too late, and if things don’t chain in an unbelievable way, Norwegians will have to wait until next edition to gain a slot for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup.


Russian “soldiers” empower hierarchy (11-1)

Russia wants to heavily restate that they are one of the best teams of the world, and they do it through terrific wins. Those of the make-the-rest-of-the-opponents-tremble kind. If the Russian achieved a resounding 11-1 in their debut fixture against Slovakia, Androrra have been their victims today, with again the same result. Just as Blázquez, Andorra’s captain, has stated after the match, “They are great players, they seem sand soldiers”.

Makarov, who was the team’s top scorer until today, scored the first one quite early in the first period, but, surprisingly, he found goal no more. Instead, teammates Shishin, with his second hat-trick of the tournament, Gorchinskiy, with two goals, and Eremeev, Zaikin, Leonov and Korchagin took his place. Even the goalkeeper,  Bukhlistiy, wanted to join the goal-fiesta, and managed through a shot from his goal that Andorra’s keeper could not save. The honour stroke by the Pyrenean came in the last breath of the game, thanks to an action by Juli.

This leaves Andorra at the bottom of group C, with the Russian at its top, with the same points than Romania but with a far more important goal average. Tomorrow, both contenders are to face each other for the crown of the table, since both of them have secured the ticket for the last-16 stage.


Poland find their best to boost the game at the last stage (9-4)

Poland have finally reacted. The Polish National Team, considered among the best in the Old Continent have found their best shape at the whole championship to recover with a triumph on Austria from the defeat they suffered yesterday against Moldova, who took the points on the penalty shootout.

Notwithstanding, the match have been really leveled until mid second period, with Austria neutralizing every distance by the Polish, being Sinisa Markivic the Austrian keyplayer thanks to his hat-trick. But Poland had also their bombers, and they appeared just when it seemed that the Slavs would not be able again to field their superior entity. Saganovski ang Widzicki achieved three goals each, with Ziober as the faithful squire, with two other hits.

The third quarter had a clear white colour, and Poland at last found its way, scoring up to three goals and not letting any in. They seem to be back. Will it go on?

November 11, 2017 - November 18, 2017
Group Stage - Group A
Universidad autonoma paraguay UAM 3 2 1 0 16 8 8 8
Logo bsww2016 calendar CUDP 3 2 0 1 15 12 3 6
Bolivia HAM 3 1 0 2 10 11 -1 3
Colombia DUH 3 0 0 3 8 18 -10 0
Group Stage - Group B
Sampaio correa fc logo SAMC 3 3 0 0 28 5 23 9
Monagas difalo futbol playa MDFL 3 1 1 1 11 22 -11 4
Graden club paraguay GDC 3 1 0 2 16 16 0 3
Logo bsww2016 calendar FERR 3 0 0 3 7 19 -12 0
Group Stage - Group C
Vascodagama VAS 3 3 0 0 24 6 18 9
Malvin MAL 3 2 0 1 11 16 -5 6
Universidad arturo prat UAP 3 1 0 2 14 16 -2 3
Delfin sporting club escudo DSPC 3 0 0 3 7 18 -11 0
Play-off for 11th Place
Play-off for 9th Place
Logo bsww2016 calendar FERR 3 - 5 DSPC Delfin sporting club escudo
Universidad arturo prat UAP 10 - 5 DUH Colombia
Play-off for 7th Place
Play-off for 5th Place
Bolivia HAM 3 - 5 MDFL Monagas difalo futbol playa
Logo bsww2016 calendar CUDP 2 - 9 SAMC Sampaio correa fc logo
Universidad arturo prat UAP 2 - 4 DSPC Delfin sporting club escudo
Monagas difalo futbol playa MDFL 3 - 8 SAMC Sampaio correa fc logo
Monagas difalo futbol playa MDFL 4 - 7 MAL Malvin
Universidad autonoma paraguay UAM 11 - 3 HAM Bolivia
Vascodagama VAS 7 - 4 CUDP Logo bsww2016 calendar
Sampaio correa fc logo SAMC 5 - 6 GDC Graden club paraguay
Universidad autonoma paraguay UAM 4 - 5 (AET) MAL Malvin
Vascodagama VAS 10 - 4 GDC Graden club paraguay
Play-off for 3rd place
Graden club paraguay GDC 0 - 0 UAM Universidad autonoma paraguay
Malvin MAL 0 - 0 VAS Vascodagama
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