FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2011 - Qualifier Bibione
21 Jul 2010

82.000 people in the stadium? Up to 200.000 hits on the web!

Beach Soccer is growing strong; there is no doubt about it. Its spectacle is reaching more people every day. Both from the stadiums, which get more and more packed event after event, or through the net, with thousands of supporters all over the world visiting the official website www.beachsoccer.com to keep up with all the news, results, match schedules, and so on, as well as following all showdowns live thanks to the streaming window that grants missing no detail about them.

Numbers speak for themselves… After seeing 82.000 people coming to the beach Stadium in Bibione (Italy), during last FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup European Qualifier, another figure undoubtedly points that more people fall in love with this sport every day. Last registers show that www.beachsoccer.com have received up to 200.000 hits in just one week, what confirms that the BSWW site keeps growing just as unstoppably as the sport does. First-hand, truthful and accessible information has made supporters turn it into their referential beach soccer page, since they get all what they want faster and more directly than in any other web site.

But www.beachsoccer.com is not to rest here…. We will keep on working to make these stats even better!!

June 24, 2016 - June 26, 2016
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