Portuguese leage final cropped

17 Aug 2015

SC Braga retains Portuguese crown

Two of the biggest and best teams in Portuguese beach soccer battled to an overtime instant classic

El jadida cropped

15 Aug 2015

Morocco jumps out gates and holds off Hungary for opening win

El Jadida began with a bang as the two National Selections of Morocco and Hungary battled to seven goals

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15 Aug 2015

Morocco on a roll after defeating Levante UD

The hosts took on the prominent Spanish club and made sure they left no doubt in the penultimate day in El Jadida

Estonia preview cropped 1

12 Aug 2015

Superfinal and Promotion Final officially set

Division A’s best teams and Division B’s best teams are heading to Pärnu, Estonia from the 20th-23rd of August for the European finale


10 Aug 2015

Terracina claims Scudetto

The Pontini bend Viareggio to round a wonderful season, adding the Serie A title to the Coppa d’Italia

Beach soccer foundation cropped

09 Aug 2015

Beach soccer players continue charitable work

Players and officials had a fun and eventful morning with disabled children at the outset of the event

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09 Aug 2015

Switzerland and Turkey claim Division A and B crowns

Final day in Siofok had penalties and some surprises but now the Superfinal and Promotion Final are set

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08 Aug 2015

Teams inch closer to Superfinal

Switzerland and Ukraine dominate in Division A clashes while Azerbaijan, Turkey, Romania, and the Czech Republic win in Division B


07 Aug 2015

Overall Rankings Updated

The spots have shifted as the World Cup harboured many coveted points that now have been distributed to the teams

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07 Aug 2015

OT thrillers and goals dominated opening day

Ukraine and Switzerland used overtime to conquer Hungary and Spain while the Division B groups are still up for grabs also

December 18, 2015 - December 20, 2015
Round Robin
Coted ivoire CIV 3 3 0 0 17 11 6 9
Nigeria NIG 3 2 0 1 18 16 2 6
Lebanon LEB 3 1 0 2 12 14 -2 3
England ENG 3 0 0 3 12 18 -6 0
Friendly match
Pepsiok1 PAC 5 - 7 KPF Kano pillars ok web
Fcbarcelona FCB 4 - 2 SSC Shooting stars sc web
Shooting stars sc web SSC 4 - 3 (AET) PAC Pepsiok1
Kano pillars ok web KPF 3 - 8 FCB Fcbarcelona
Kano pillars ok web KPF 3 - 8 SSC Shooting stars sc web
Fcbarcelona FCB 9 - 2 PAC Pepsiok1
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