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I Mundialito de Clubes
20 Mar 2011

Maximum excitement in São Paulo

Breath-taking matchday in the Mundialito de Clubes: Two extra times, two penalty shootouts and an amazing atmosphere

Dunga’s hat trick not enough for Santos to bend Lokomotiv

It is never easy to come into such a competitive competition like the Mundialito the Clubes facing Lokomotiv Moscow. This was Santos’ difficult job today, and they went into it with full conviction, making things really difficult for the Russian. Dunga’s left canon equalized every single advantage by Leonov’s team, achieving a dead-ball hat-trick. Only the extra-time winner by Shaykov raised Lokomotiv to the points.

Romanian Maci was the one to open the Russian account today. Again, his brilliant left foot appeared at the right moment, in the right place, to inaugurate the score. But that was an ephemeral advantage, since right after the goal, Dunga sent the first of his three missiles today to find Sidorenko’s net. They may have been the last to come, but Santos will not miss the chance of fighting for everything is this tournament.

Daniel broke the momentary draw in the first minute of the second period, and it was hard for Guga’s side this time to find their opponent’s goal again. In fact, Lokomotiv terrific defensive system is feared by every single team in the competition. The only way Santos found to break it was the long-range torpedoes launched by Dunga’s foot. With one of those, the Brazilian number 6 raised the 2-2, in the very first second of the third period. The Russian stepped ahead for the third time, only to find a new free kick hit by Dunga for the 3-3 that sent the game into extra time.

This time, Shaykov broke the pattern. The Russian number 9, with his second goal today, managed an advantage for his team that Santos would not be able to neutralize once more, and secured the second victory for the Muscovite.

Goals: 1-0: Maci, min. 8 (1); 1-1: Dunga, 8 (1); 2-1: Daniel, 11 (2); 2-2: Dunga, min. 11 (3) ; 3-2 : Shaykov, min. 9 (3) ; 3-3 : Dunga, min. 6 (3) ; 4-3 : Shaykov, min. 2 (et)



André gives Flamengo extra-time win over AC Milan

The second game in this second matchday of the Mundialito de Clubes offered an exciting clash among the most well-know red and black outfits at both sides of the Atlantic. AC Milan and Flamengo battled each other in which meant the debut for the carioca team. The sweet debut, indeed, since thanks to André’s extra-time hit, ‘Fla’ could snatch the points.

Surprisingly enough, the four goals of this match came almost together, during the first eight minutes of the second period. Flamengo hit first, with a penalty kick Anderson slotted in, but Stankovic replied with a terrific missile in a half-pitch free kick. Immediately, though, André restored the carioca advantage for the 2-1, after stealing a ball and putting it out of Zanini’s reach with a subtle touch. Milan, obviously, did not give up, and tried to find Montserrat’s goal through their talented players. It finally was Frenchman François who found the crack and equalized the score for the rossoneri for the second time.

None of the teams wanted to risk too much from then on, and the score did not move again in the remaining minutes of the second time, nor during the last one, what unavoidably sent the Italian and the Brazilian to the extra time. Then, André lasted just some seconds to achieve what none of the players had during the previous minutes and warranted the Maracaná-settled club two points.


Goals: 1-0 : Anderson (p), min. 11 (2); 1-1: Stankovic, min. 8 (2); 2-1: André, min. 7 (2); 2-2: François, min. 4 (2) ; 3-2 : André, min. 2 (et).


Today’s results:


Sun, March 20th
8h30 - Lokomotiv Moscow 4-3 Santos
10h - Flamengo 3-2 AC Milan
11h15 - Vasco da Gama 3 (3)-3 (2) Boca Juniors
12h30 - Corinthians 2 (2)-2 (1) Seattle


Matches for tomorrow:


Mon, March 21st
13h - Seattle Sounders x Sporting Portugal
14h15 - FC Barcelona x Boca Juniors
15h30 - Vasco x Flamengo
16h45 - Santos x Corinthians




The penalty shootout cuts again in front of Boca

Luck turned again its back on Boca today. After seeing the first points flee from the 9 meter spot yesterday, against Milan, the Xeneize side has been unable to get even with such a bad memory today, against Vasco da Gama. Unluckily for the Argentinean, they will still need to wait to enjoy their first victory. They were really close today, indeed, after getting 0-2 ahead in the first minutes, with Bruno and Nicolás hits, and even more after Franceschini made it 2-3 with just one minute to go.

But Vasco da Gama recovered again and again from the ‘boquense’ strikes and empowered by the talent in the team, and the cheers of the crowd, ended up with their first points.

The match, as has already become a common denominator in the whole tournament, was amazingly leveled. If Boca was better in the first period, with a 0-2 run, Vasco recovered and made theirs the second one, getting that same run on their favour with Gabriel and Jorginho. Third period had not a clear ruler, and, although the latter lash by the Argentinean captain seemed to finish the game, Rafinha prevented that from happening and sent the game to extra time.

No goals happened during the extra three minutes and Boca were faced again with the 9 meter spot. And, again, to find the same end. Mexican Víctor López was the one this time to carry the bitterest part, since Salgueiro guessed where he was to send the ball and refused it, leaving the door wide open for Betinho to finish every Argentinean chance.


Goals: 0-1: Bruno Malias, min. 11 (1); 0-2: Nicolas, min. 5 (1); 1-2: Gabriel, min. 6 (2); 2-2: Jorginho, min. 3 (2); 2-3: Franceschini, min. 1 (3); 3-3, Rafinha, min. 1 (3).


Penalty shootout: Dallera, in; Gabriel, in; Nicolás, in; Villalobos, in; López, Salgueiro saves. Betinho, in.


Corinthians completes comeback from the 9 meter spot

The fourth game in this second matchday was no exception. Due to the competitiveness of the contenders the three set periods were not enough to discern who the winner were. Corianthians had to recover from two early hits by Seattle, and  needed the penalty shootout to get their fifth points in the Mundialito de Clubes.

Seattle Sounders surprised the Timão with a wonderful beginning. Yuri Morales and Francisco Cati turned the score into a dangerous 0-2 in the first quarter, and that was a blow Corinthians were not expecting. Yet after the first hit by the North American, the Brazilian side acknowledged that things were not on the right track. Despite all their powder, Soare’s side was unable to do any harm on the Seattle defense, and things got even worse when the Mexican defender raised the 0-2. Only Buru’s shot just seconds before the first horn achieved to shorten the gap in that same period.

The completion of the comeback did not last to come, though. Juninho made it 2-2 in the very first seconds after the break, brushing Seattle’s advantage aside. Two full periods were still left. Time enough for Corinthians to turn the situation around and secure three new points. And time enough for Seattle to recover from that two hits and head to break the bank amid such a powerful atmosphere cheering against them. But none of these happened. Not even adding the three minutes of extra time, and the match was sent to a new penalty shootout today.

After two shots, Mão’s miracle save to Frank’s attempt made half of the job. Betinho’s calmed and perfectly aimed shot made the rest for Corinthians to clinch the points.

Goals: 0-1: Morales, min. 9 (1); 0-2: F. Cati, min. 3 (1); 1-2: Buru, min. 0 (1) ; 2-2 : Juninho, min. 11 (2).


Penalty shooutout: Juninho, in; Moreira, in; Benjamin, in; Frank, Mão saves.

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