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I Mundialito de Clubes
25 Mar 2011

Sporting and Vasco to claim the crown

The Portuguese derailed Lokomotiv and the Gigante da Colina knocked city archrivals Flamengo in the semifinals

Sporting stops Lokomotiv and gets into the final (4-5)

Sporting has made the Russian locomotive derail in their semifinals clash today in the Mundialito de Clubes. The match was a new instance of how competitive this tournament can be, with the Muscovite side sent out of the road after having won all their matches by a team that could only make it out of the group stage in an agonic last match. But this is Beach Soccer, and everyone knew from the beginning, despite their doubtful start of the tournament, that Sporting could beat anyone.

Alan was the undeniable protagonist of the first stage of the game. The Brazilian-born sorcerer displayed his huge quality to get two amazing goals that put the score 0-2 at the beginning of the second period. Belchior would complete this rushing beginning with the third goal for his side only seconds afterwards. Things had got far more difficult for Lokomotiv that they expected, and, at that point, the Portuguese were handling the game with ease. Any hit by the Muscovite was replied by the Leões, just as Madjer and Fernando DDI proved after Leonov’s and Shaykov’s goals.

Despite the difference in the scoreboard, it was nonsense to think the match was over. It is a great mistake to think such a thing with the amount of talent standing on the sand of the Parque Praia da Sol. With four minutes to go, Borsuk managed the 3-5 for the Russian side, and things began to be not that clear cut. Unfortunately for them, the 4-5 that would set all Portuguese alarms off came too late, with just 20 seconds to the final horn. There was not time enough for Lokomotiv to complete the comeback, and after a superb performance all through the tournament, Leonov’s side see themselves out of the final.

Goals: 0-1: Alan, min. 7 (1); 0-2: Alan, min. 10 (2); 0-3: Belchior, min. 10 (2); 1-3: Leonov, min. 10 (2); 1-4: Madjer, min. 1 (2); 2-4: Shaykov, min. 7 (3); 2-5: Fernando DDI, min. 6 (3); 3-5: I. Borsuk, min. 4 (3); 4-5: Shaykov, min. 0 (3)


Vasco da Gama will fight for the Cup

Vasco da Gama has made it to the final of this I Mundialito de Clubes after knocking Flamengo down in the carioca classico of the semifinals stage. Unfortunately for ‘Fla’ the four goals by star André, top scorer of the tournament so far, were not enough to earn a place in the fight for the cup. Vasco da Gama’s key players were even more accurate than him today.

International duo Betinho and Bruno Xavier would earn a consistent advantage for the Gigante da Colina in the first minutes of the game, a gap they would manage to keep until the final horn. Every time André shortened the distance for the Rubro-Negro side, Pampero or Bruno Xavier came to restore the two goals advantage for Vasco. All but the fourth goal by Flamengo’s number nine, which brought three last breath-taking minutes in which Valeiro’s lads would try everything for the equalizer, even sending the goalkeeper up front in corner kicks.

Nothing worked out for Fla, who saw how their city archrivals were the ones graced with the chance of battling Sporting Portugal in the final tomorrow to claim the crown in this Mundialito de Clubes.  

Goals: 0-1: Betinho, min. 10 (1); 0-2: Bruno Xavier, min. 9 (1); 1-2: André, min. 7 (1) ; 1-3 : Pampero, min. 10 (2); 2-3: André, min. 10 (2); 2-4: Bruno Xavier, min. 5 (2): 3-4 : André, min. 11 (3) ; 3-5: Pampero, min. 8 (3) ; 4-5: André, min. 2 (3)


The finals of this I Mundialito de Clubes are:


8.30h - Flamengo - Lokomotiv Moscow (3rd/4th place)

10.00h - Vasco da Gama - Sporting Portugal

June 17, 2019 - June 22, 2019
Group Stage
Tahiti TAH 4 4 0 0 52 9 43 12
Solomonislands SOL 4 3 0 1 19 14 5 9
Vanuatu VAN 4 2 0 2 33 22 11 6
New caledonia NCL 4 1 0 3 17 27 -10 3
Tonga fa.svg TGA 4 0 0 4 6 55 -49 0
Play-off for 3rd place
Vanuatu VAN 7 - 8 (AET) NCL New caledonia
Tahiti TAH 4 - 3 SOL Solomonislands
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