Womens euro winners cup day 2
Women's Euro Winners Cup 2018
29 May 2018

Surprise scorelines in Women's Euro Winners Cup

Crazy comebacks and ecstatic victories define the first teams into the next round

Last year's champions were in for a shock today as day two didn't quite go by the book...


Group A

Hosts Sporting Clube de Portugal could grasp first points in the competition, making up for yesterday’s defeat and getting back in the race for a Round of 16 pass. Mariana Rosa’s brace ended up being decisive, as Vetlanda United would never give up. The Swedish girls pulled one back with two minutes to go, but their reaction fell one goal short, and the Lisboan side could seize their first win in the competition. 

A laudable performance by Brazilian Adriele Rocha was not enough for Lady Grembach Lodz in their game against last year’s third place finisher Higicontrol Melilla. After much fighting, and when it seemed they had managed to do the most difficult part, Grembach found themselves unable to escape with a win. Two goals in the last minutes by the other big name of the game, Natalia de Francisco, ended up giving Higicontrol the points, the top of the table, and the ticket to the next round.


Group B

Lokrians Beach Club upset defending champions Havana Shots Aargau with a brilliant performance by Federica Marino, who did real harm to the Swiss rear-guard with five goals. Despite the Alpine got 3-0 ahead, the mighty reaction by the Italian side, led by Marino, saw things get 6-3. Havana shots tried to react again, but they were just unable to balance things back.

Madrid CFF could forget their bitter defeat yesterday with a laudable comeback win over 2016 runners-up Beachkick Ladies Berlin. Two goals by Alba Mellado neutralized the advantage Rebecca Gabriel had managed for the German side, who saw the Spanish girls widen the gap in the last stages of the period. The final 4-1 for Madrid CFF shakes the whole group up, with all four teams equal on points.    


Group C

Just three seconds into the game, De Laat made very clear that HTC Zwolle was not thinking in let the opportunity to seal their ticket to next round go to waste. Despite Virge Andre tried to keep Nomme Kalju standing, the Dutch side added to their early advantage and built a comfortable 4-1 gap.  The late attempts by the Estonian only got them one goal, way not enough to change the course of the game, and HTC Zwolle escaped with the points, and the ticket to next round.

Portsmouth BSC confirmed today that they are in a great form, storming past CFP Cáceres Femenino to earn three more points in this 2018 Euro Winners Cup. Key players Sarah Kempson, Molly Clark, Jade Widdowson and Gemma Hillier were in hand today for Pompey, with three hat-tricks and one brace that got things addressed for the English ladies. Portsmouth BSC, defending runners-up of the competition, will keep fighting for higher records, as their berth in the Round of 16 is already confirmed.  


Group D

ASD Lady Terracina got themselves back in the fight in group B, making up for yesterday’s defeat with a consistent win over Beach Soccer DTS Ede. The Terracinese took the lead in the score early in the game, and despite the Dutch would get just one down by the end of the second period, a 3-0 run in the last stage would define the game.

AIPS Playas de San Javier was another of the teams sealing their ticket to the next round of the Euro Winners Cup. The Spanish side added three more points to their tally after making the most of their goal chances against French side CSO Amneville. The Murcia side progressively widened their advantage after Karen’s opener, building a comfortable cushion. CSO Amneville finally managed to found Playas de San Javier’s nets, but their reaction was too little to late to cause the Spaniards any harm.


Group E

2016’s third place finisher WFC Zvezda did not want to undergo the scare they had to yesterday, and got down to work early in their game against Polish KU AZS UAM Poznan. After their opening 2-0 run, the Russian side tried to get their opponents as far as possible, and, although Puk and Zajac got the Poles just one goal down on two occasions, a final 3-0 run for Zvezda would get them the points. Their two wins so far propel Zvezda onto next round, where they will get the chance to keep fighting for the European throne.  

Roses Platja used a 5-2 win over Grande Motte Pyramide to snatch the head of the table in Group E, at the time they also secured their place amongst the best 16 in the competition. Carla Morera had the leading voice for the Catalan side, supported by Zaira Abenza, Geraldine, and Silvia Ferrer. The French side, who managed to counteract Roses’ hits for the first two period, could not resist their higher pace in the third, seeing their opponents take off for the win.  


For full results, fixtures and standings, click here.

November 21, 2019 - December 01, 2019
Group Stage - Group A
Japan JPN 3 3 0 0 14 10 4 9
Swizerland SUI 3 1 1 1 18 17 1 5
Paraguay PAR 3 1 0 2 15 13 2 3
Usa USA 3 0 0 3 10 17 -7 0
Group Stage - Group B
Italy ITA 3 2 0 1 21 10 11 6
Uruguay URU 3 2 0 1 9 9 0 6
Tahiti TAH 3 2 0 1 16 17 -1 6
Mexico MEX 3 0 0 3 3 13 -10 0
Group Stage - Group C
Senegal SEN 3 2 0 1 17 11 6 6
Russia RUS 3 2 0 1 14 14 0 6
Belarus BLR 3 1 0 2 10 13 -3 3
Uae UAE 3 1 0 2 6 9 -3 3
Group Stage - Group D
Brazil BRA 3 3 0 0 29 11 18 9
Portugal POR 3 2 0 1 20 11 9 6
Oman OMA 3 1 0 2 9 16 -7 3
Nigeria NIG 3 0 0 3 8 28 -20 0
Brazil BRA 3 - 4 RUS Russia
Senegal SEN 2 - 4 POR Portugal
Italy ITA 5 - 4 SUI Swizerland
Japan JPN 3 - 2 URU Uruguay
Italy ITA 8 - 7 RUS Russia
Japan JPN 3 - 3 (1 - 2) (PSO) POR Portugal
Play-off for 3rd place
Russia RUS 5 - 4 JPN Japan
Italy ITA 4 - 6 POR Portugal
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