SAMSUNG Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup Dubai
23 Nov 2011

UAE, Russia, Brazil and Switzerland are the best 4

The four teams will fight tomorrow for the head of groups A and B in Samsung Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup

Switzerland beats Omani resistance down in way to semifinals

Just as they did yesterday, Oman presented a fierce resistance to a top-class opponent. If it was Brazil yesterday the ones to suffer a lot to bend the spirited Asian side, Switzerland lived a really uncomfortable beginning of their match against Thalib’s team today. But, just as it happened yesterday, Oman could not stomach their opponent’s gearing up after seeing things get too dark, and ended up receiving a severe defeat that leaves them with no chance to access this Samsung Beach Soccer World Cup semifinal stage. In turn, with six points out of six, Schirinzi’s lads see themselves in next round.

Nothing seemed to point, after such a leveled first stages, the ongoing development the match was going to take, with the current European runner-ups smashing all Asian chances with a goal-torrent. Indeed, it was the Omani who managed to get ahead in the score, thanks to a long-range torpedo by Khalid, but Spacca, from the long distance, too, achieved the equalizer for his team, leading things to a more expectable basis.

After that first minutes, Stankovic gave the second period a brilliant beginning , with a move he masters like few players around the globe: the self-assisted bicycle kick. That seemed the beginning of the Swiss dominion, but Khalid repeated to level things back by mid second time, setting clear that what managed yesterday against Brazil was not a mere coincidence. The only problem for the Asians was that, at the  very same time, Stankovic and co. also wanted to prove that their European silver was not so, and geared up to kill the game with a terrific 0-6 run that meant the group’s head and the ticket to the competition’s semi-finals.

Goals: 1-0: Khalid, min. 5 (1); 1-1: Spacca, min. 4 (1); 1-2: Stankovic, min. 11 (2); 2-2: Khalid, min. 6 (2); 2-3: Stankovic, min. 5 (2); 2-4: Meier, min. 4 (2); 2-5: Schirinzi, min. 4 (2); 2-6: Borer, min. 7 (3); 2-7: Ziegler, min. 4 (3); 2-8: Stankovic, min. 3 (3)

Tahiti not cheeky enough to assault Russia’s dominion

Confirmed: The Russian Machinery does not lose a bit of output despite playing far from the old continent. In their second match in this Samsung Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup, Likhachev’s side rolled over Tahiti to confirm they are the ones to fear the most in the competition, and that the World Cup did not  fulfill their thirst for triumphs. In other words, they are not for letting this cup end in another one’s hands…

To set things clear from the very beginning, Shaykov and Shishin placed Russia 2-0 ahead, and after Teharu cut that distance with the 2-1, Shkarin recovered the advantage with the 3-1. Bennet managed to get his team close in the scoreboard again, but that was to be the last trace of resistance by the Oceania side, who succumbed to a 5-0 run which lead the game 7-2 by the end of second period.

Tahiti tried to stand up again, and Amau and Li Fung Kwee managed to make it 7-4 during the last stage of the game. I was little more than one minute left, though, far not enough time to assault the Russian dominion, so Likhachev’s side firmly gets to the next round.

Goals: 1-0: Shaykov, min. 11 (1); 2-0: Shishin, min. 8 (1); 2-1: Tehau, min. 7 (1); 3-1: Shkarin, min. 5 (1); 3-2: Bennet, min. 4 (1); 4-2: Gorchinskiy, min. 9 (2); 5-2: Shaykov, min. 7 (2); 6-2: Eremeev, min. 6 (2); 7-2: Krash, min. 2 (2); 7-3: Amau, min. 3 (3); 7-4: Li Fung Kwee, min. 1 (3).

Steel-made version Brazil makes it to semifinals

Brazil got into semifinals after a hierarchical victory today against CONCACAF Champions, Mexico. Guga’s side knew how to stay in command of the game all the time, leaving such a dangerous opponent without any resources to attempt for the points. After building a match-killer 5-0 advantage during the three periods, only two last-stage hits by the Mexicans prevented Mao and Brazil to get the clean sheets.

Brazil early understood that the match against Mexico was one in which they would need to leave the artistic and elaborated kind of play they are known for and go all out for full efficacy, as the Mexicans competitiveness is beyond any doubt. And they got into business as soon as they could, with one of their finest talents, Andre, sweeping the team 2-0 ahead in the first 12 minutes.

The Verdeamarela was handling the game, and with three terrific shots by Dino, Bruno Xavier and Fernando DDI ended all Azteca options. Although Villalobos and Cervantes fought it back for Mexico as far as they could, the points were already in Brazilian hands. The final 5-2 leaves Brazil in second position of Group B, with the clash against Switzerland tomorrow to decide who keeps the head of it.

Goals: 1-0: Andre, min. 8 (1); 2-0: Andre, min. 1 (2); 3-0: Dino, min. 0 (2); 4-0: Bruno Xavier, min. 10 (3); 5-0: Fernando DDI, min. 9 (3); 5-1: Cervantes, min. 5 (3); 5-2: Villalobos, min. 0 (3)

Nail-biting win gets UAE into best 4

It was not until the horn was heard that UAE could see themselves in the next round of this Samsung Beach Soccer intercontinental Cup 2011. The prize, though, was worth suffering for, as seeing themselves among the best four, facing the likes of World Champions Russia, Tetracampeão Brazil and European runner-ups Switzerland is the confirmation for Marcelo Mendes’ side that they are back to the world’s highest level in Beach Soccer.

The opponent they were facing was nothing easy. None of them is, in such a competitive tournament as this, but the Nigerians made things really difficult in the last World Cup to teams such as Brazil, and find themselves always among the African leading sides. Precisely for this respect, first half was more about studying the opponent’s moves, both from Arabians and Nigerians, and it was not until the second period that the scoreboard had something a say. And it was in one of these moves that make Beach Soccer that characteristic: goalkeeper Humaid lifted the ball from his own penalty area line, and banged it in after the decisive interaction with the sand. Beach Soccer, ladies and gentlemen…

Yousif came afterwards to rocket two balls in to grant his team the 3-0 advantage which may some feel wrongly safe. Wrongly, because they weren’t, as Emeka and Tale, proved making it 3-2 with yet 5 minutes to come. People in the stands went really excited, and some of them even covered their eyes whenever the ball got near Humaid’s dominions. But in the end there was nothing they needed to regret, as Mendes’ side managed to block all the attempts by the Beach Green Eagles to secure a slot in the semifinals next Saturday. But, before, UAE will get the chance to battle the World Champions, Russia, for the head of Group A.

Goals: 1-0: Humaid, min. 8 (2); 2-0: Yousif, min. 1 (2); 3-0: Yousif, min. 8 (3); 3-1: Emeka, min 8 (3); 3-2: Tale, min. 5 (3)

Results today

Wednesday, November 23rd

16:30 – Oman 2-8 Switzerland
17.45 – Russia 7-4 Tahiti
19:00 – Brazil 5-2 Mexico
20:15 – Nigeria vs. UAE

Matches for tomorrow:

Thursday, November 24th

16:30 – Oman vs. Mexico
17.45 – Tahiti vs Nigeria
19:00 – Switzerland vs. Brazil
20:15 – UAE vs. Russia

Competition standings


1 – Russia: 6 points (+10)
2 – UAE: 6 points (+6)
3 – Tahiti: 0 points (-7)
4 – Nigeria: 0 points (-8)


1 – Switzerland: 6 points (+7)
2 – Brazil: 6 points (+6)
3 – Mexico: 0 points (-4)
4 – Oman: 0 points (-9)

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2019 alanya belediyespor ABS 3 1 0 2 15 30 -15 3
Group Stage - Group B
Spartak logo copia web SPK 3 2 1 0 17 7 10 8
Braga SCB 3 2 0 1 18 13 5 6
Flamengo FLA 3 1 0 2 11 13 -2 3
Grasshopper club zurich GCZ 3 0 0 3 8 21 -13 0
Play-off for 7th Place
Grasshopper club zurich GCZ 4 - 8 ABS 2019 alanya belediyespor
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Levante1 LUD 5 - 4 FLA Flamengo
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